Heriz Rugs – How It décor Your House?


If you are planning to decorate your house royally and professionally, using Heriz rugs is the best option! Its value, superb craftsmanship, and outstanding designs will increase with age as well as wear. So, why Heriz rugs are significant in home décor? Are there any other additional reasons to use Heriz rugs for house decoration purposes? Yes, it is! This is what this article is about.

Reasons to Add Heriz Rugs For Your House Decoration

Reason 1: Tradition and memories

Generally, the Heriz rug weavers make them in bold, geometric patterns with a large medallion dominating the field. Such artworks are traditional and often woven from memory. Did you know The Heris rug is the only rug in the world where stories of the Old times are woven?

Reason 2: Quality Material

The wool used to make Heriz carpets is not from the ordinary sheep. They choose the sheep wool that drinks water containing traces of copper in Mount Sabalan. Mount Sabalan sits on a major deposit of copper. Sheep that live in Mount Sabalan and drink Mount Sabalan water produces high-quality wool far more resilient than wool from other areas. This is one of the reasons for the toughness of Heriz carpets. If you find such Heriz carpets for sale, make the purchase by then.

Reason 3: Popular Choice from 19th Century

Influenced by Shah Abbas, the Safavid dynasty, Genghis Khan, Tabri, in 19th Century Heriz, villagers adapted their own designs from traditional patterns. Major auction houses in Europe and United States often sell 19th-century examples of such carpets. Since the demand for Heriz carpets is high, it becomes out of stock in speed. So, the Heriz rugs are not only durable and hard-wearing, but also they can last for generations. Did you know in the early 20th century, the more finely woven classical city rugs were more prized in the US market?

Reason 4: Heriz carpets Help Reduces Noise and Echos

Using highly recommend laying down Heriz carpets in high traffic areas will help reduce noise and echoes. Also, you will find that you will get fewer complaints from other tenants. So, if you live above neighbours in a townhome or apartment, consider installing Heriz carpets to reduce noise.

Final Wrap

Heriz rugs are Persian rugs, which are from Heris, produced in the village Mount Sabalan. If you are looking to purchase the real Heriz rugs online, check out Rugs Online! They offer real Heriz rugs in many varieties.

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