Hernia – why it is dangerous ?

hernia operation in Jabalpur

hernia operation in Jabalpur

Hernia – a life threatening problem

Hernias are very common but oftenly neglected health problem. Its high prevalence is sometimes responsible for the negligence. Many times an asymptomatic layman thinks it to be only a cosmetically disfiguring problem and is actually not aware how dangerous it can turn out to be. According to the hernia surgeon in Jabalpur, take immediate treatment, otherwise patient will facing problems many problems during the hernia operation in Jabalpur.


To actually understand why hernias are dangerous one must know what is a hernia?

When the contents of the abdominal cavity starts coming out of the protection offered by the muscle layer of abdominal wall a hernia is said to developed. Any internal organs can come out especially intestines are highly prone for herniation. They might get caught in the hernia and thus their blood supply might get blocked. Here lies the real danger. If the blood supply is not restored in the golden hour the intestines may get gangrenous and this can endanger person’s life.

The hernia operation in Jabalpur is done by professional doctors who have many of experience in this field. According to the best hernia surgeon in Jabalpur patients can recover in within one or two week and back to work after fifteen days.


Surgical correction of the defect is the one and only solution for the hernia and it should be done as soon as the disease is recognized. Any delay might put the person’s life at risk.


Surgery can be done by traditional open technique in which hernia defect is corrected by making an inscision or by #laparoscopic technique in which only 2-3 small holes are made and whole surgery is conducted with minimal trauma and pain to the patients thereby making the recovery very fast and smooth. In Jabalpur, hernia is treated by the best hernia surgeon in Jabalpur in which patients can feel little pain and patient can recover very fast. Other than hernia surgery, there are also several types of surgeries performed in Jabalpur. In which, laparoscopic surgery in Jabalpur is one of them and it is done by the best laparoscopic surgeon in Jabalpur. Also gallbladder surgery in Jabalpur and gallbladder stone surgery in Jabalpur is treated by the gallbladder surgeon in Jabalpur. All these surgeries are done by experience doctors and staff members. They are available 24 hours with the patient and observe them in every hour.

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