HGV Course as the Basis for Driving a CV in the UK

To legally operate a truck, lorry, or any other commercial vehicle in Manchester and other parts of the UK, a commercial driver needs a CPC or “Certificate of Professional Competence.” Top training schools that help to qualify for this license and assist truck drivers in completing courses for roadworthiness are assured of decent employment based on their talents. After taking an HGV training course, the drivers can get employed by leading transport and logistics companies. Commercial vehicle drivers are trained to drive HGVs and LGVs by logistics businesses internally at times, but they will receive a CPC only after passing the final exam.


HGV versus LGV

A Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) is the same as a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), even though the terms are different. LGV earlier stood for Light Goods Vehicle and was later changed to Large Goods Vehicle. According to UK regulations, the LGV and HGV licenses are the same under the UK and European laws. Commercial trucks with a gross combined mass of above 3500 kg are now covered under both categories. Category B licenses, meant for cars, allow individuals to drive vehicles weighing up to 3500 kg. To be adequately trained in handling a commercial vehicle, drivers must undergo HGV training in Manchester, UK.

The whole training program includes learning optimal safety features, which is necessary to maintain the high standards set by traffic regulations. Other people on the road feel safer, knowing that all commercial vehicle drivers have completed their HGV training in Leeds, UK.

How Much Time is CPC Valid For?CPC is valid for five years, after which it needs to be renewed again. The exam has to be given again, ensuring that truck drivers are up-to-date with the latest regulations. It is mandatory to finish 35 hours of training from a certified training center. The course can be finished in two months on a full-time basis and three months as a part-time candidate. Case studies and testing sessions are part of the course.A few organizations working with truck drivers who need to renew CPC can provide sponsored training through reputable training facilities. These organizations cover the full cost of enrolling at the training facility.

Driving with Inputs from the Best Instructors

Drivers will never wholly appreciate what they are learning until they have experience driving commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses in the real world. As stated on websites offering HGV training in Manchester, Leeds, and other cities of England, basic ideas are taught in the classroom. Each instructor has years of experience driving an HGV or LGV and can provide pupils with helpful advice.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

A Commercial Vehicle is abbreviated as CV. Drivers in the UK are eligible for the following types of CVs:



  • Box Vans
  • Fridge Trucks
  • Lutons
  • Drop Sides
  • ADR
  • Flat Beds
  • Articulated Lorries
  • Regional and Local Buses

Drivers benefit from the flexibility that reputable HGV training schools provide when it comes to finishing their courses.


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