Hidden Facts About Pokémon Sword and Shield

Hidden Facts About Pokémon Sword and Shield
Game Freak has finally released the latest addition of Pokémon series i.e., Pokémon Sword and Shied. Another role-playing game available for Nintendo Switch, in which players have to catch Pokémon while exploring the Galar Region. Also, the game offers numerous amazing features that you can access in the leisure time and enjoy. Here are ten hidden facts and things in Pokémon Sword and Shield you can do in the Galar Region.

  1. Acquire a Special Eevee or Pickachu:
    You can get a special reward awaits in the form of Eevee or Pickachu if you either played Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee or Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu. To avail the gift, head straight to the Wild Area Train Station and you will find a couple in the upper left side of the station.
    One offers Eevee to gamers having match saved data, and the same goes for Pickachu as well. Most importantly, both of these Pokémon have a unique Gigantamax form, in which Eevee has a thick man and Pickachu getting his original chonk design.
  2. Hire Miners:
    In the game, players are allowed to hire miners, and one can be found in the Bridge field through the wild area. One of the miners has better stamina, and the other is more skillful that changes the chances for the in-game items they cannot cover.
    Also, users have to pay 500 Watts i.e., wild area currency. You can conveniently earn it by accomplishing raid battles, missions, and other activities. Besides that, these miners have access to some pool of items, which allows stamina to attain more items and skillful achieve higher quality.
  3. Wonder Trade System:
    As we know, the global trade system allows the user to trade with any other game on the globe in the previous Pokémon game. However, the trading system is different in the latest Pokémon world as gamers have to trade with others if they are present in the same online session or area. You can now trade your Pokémon with any random Pokémon in Wonder Trade. Also, surprise trade follows the same concept, but it is limited to players in your online session.
  4. One-Handed Gameplay:
    To make the game more exciting and thrilling, the developers offered a feature i.e., Casual Controls. It allows people to play the game using a single hand. However, the reason for adding such one-hand control is still unknown, but it’s a cool option and loved by tons of players. One can efficiently allocate with a single joy-con or can utilize with the one-sided pro controller.
  5. Menu Customization:
    One more exciting feature of Pokémon Sword and Shield is allowing users to rearrange each menu icon accordingly. In other words, if you use the camp function and save function more often than others, then you can move these options to the front side of the menu. The menu customization is the feature that people won’t care to utilize, but worth to welcome for any life improvements.
  6. Poké Jobs:
    Another feature that players can access to send your Pokémon to complete several jobs from a Rotom. With this, you can earn experience points along with some money. It is a great feature to utilize those Pokémon that are sitting free in your Boxes. Note, you need to retrieve your Pokémon manually after the completion of Poké Job. They will not return on their own until you say so.
  7. Capture Gold Pokémon:
    In the wild area, if you see a Pokémon roaming around and have a glowing gold around it, then it is recommended to go after it. This Pokémon is worth capturing as they have high stats than an average Pokémon. You can keep them if you want to; otherwise, sell them in exchange for survival by earning some amount of Watts. Also, these golden pockets do not appear as often, so don’t miss the opportunity and capture them.
  8. Whistle Around and Attract Pokémon:
    In the game, whistling around can help in locating high-level Pokémon. In case, you see a Pokémon flying up and unable to reach it and then try whistling to attract it. If the Pokémon is weaker than you, then it will run away, or else will come to you. It is one of the best methods to get rid of more fragile creatures or shy Pokémon like Noibat.
  9. Sparkling In-game Items Respawn:
    In the Galar region, there is another item available that you can locate around the environment. It is worth taking a glance at the golden sparkling item. You can collect it again-n-again as it will respawn continuously. Make sure to obtain it if you find one while exploring or returning to the vast open wild area.
  10. Earn Watts From Inactive Pokémon Dens:
    Recently, the Pokémon Sword and Shield have launched the prominent new feature, “Wild Area.” It is merely an open area, which allows gamers to catch some Pokémon. Additionally, a rock-like structure also presents in the wild area that emits the light. Well, it is some signal for a raid battle that potential players can join in to fight against Pokémon.
    To survive in the wild area, players have to complete some activities and win raid battles to earn Watts. Basically, Watts is the wild area currency used to buy in-game items from people in that area. Conversely, it is very challenging, and numerous gamers are hardly able to acquire it. To get Watts without making too much effort, all you need to do is find out inactive raid dens. This is the only possible way to earn some amount of wild area currency without interacting with a Pokémon.


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