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Oil and gas refineries, boiler equipment, railroads, structural engineering, plumbing, sewage treatment systems, etc. all frequently employ the IS 3589 pipes. We are the top suppliers and manufacturers of IS 3589 Pipe. We work hard to create and deliver high-quality products at fair prices. A carbon steel alloy is used to make IS 3589 Part 1. Aside from having outstanding dimensional precision, the pipes made from part 1 also have a superb surface finish. They also have good corrosion resistance and ductility. Applications requiring a high level of corrosion and oxidation resistance employ the IS 3589 Part 2. The pipes from part two are extraordinarily strong and flexible. Please get in touch with us for additional details if you have any questions or would like a quote on our products.

Please consult our IS 3589 Pipe Weight Chart. Using this information, it will be possible to decide whether these pipes or tubes can be fitted without the need for additional equipment or support structures. Look for slightly heavier pipes in the IS 3589 ms pipe weight chart because they have a low carbon content, are very flexible, and are simple to move. To get the best prices, kindly refer to the standard weight in the chart. In the butt-weld light, medium, high, and seamless tubes are presented with a pipe thickness tolerance of is 3589. The tolerances for light tubes are -8 percent, for medium and high tubes they are 10 percent, and for seamless tubes, they are 12 percent. Consult our website’s PDF of the IS 3589 pipe thickness chart for more information. Using this chart, you can find the right tubes and pipes for your plumbing system. The size range of all of our pipes will be shown on the IS 3589 pipe size chart. Compared to pipes that must be customized, conventional pipes are less expensive. The IS 3589 pipe is easily customizable in many sizes, chemical compositions, and geometries to meet your needs. Contact us for more details if you have any questions or want to learn more about the IS 3589 pdf.


IS 3589 Pipe Specifications:

Specifications IS 3589 pipes
Size 15 to 150 mm Nominal Bore
Dimension and Tolerance Mild Steel Pipes Dimensions – IS: 3589 (Pt I) – 2004, Equivalent to BS – 1387/ 1985
Surface Finish Black
Features Corrosion Resistant, High Strength, Deformability, and High Toughness
Length As per the customer’s requirement
Grade Mild Steel IS 3589 Fe 410, 330


There are tubes in sizes ranging from 193.7mm OD to 500mm OD. In the argument between IS 1239, 3589 won. The mechanical qualities of the IS 3589 grade are exceptional. However, both of these grades have a wide range of uses in industries like power plants, textiles, furniture, medicine, household appliances, and many more. There will be much discussion on the distinction between 1239 and 3589 for a very long time. The good news is that both of these grades are quite dependable and can function for extended periods of time without the need for frequent maintenance. When installing these pipes for the transmission of water, sewage waste, oil, and other elements within the piping system, the IS code 3589 is utilized. When creating the is:3589, grade, and related items from it, our knowledgeable employees use the most cutting-edge technology and premium raw materials.

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