High Quality Sunflower Oil Machine

Sunflower Oil Machine is an oil making machine that helps extract sunflower oil form the sunflower seeds for commercial and biofuel purposes. The screw type sunflower seed oil extraction machine consists of: Feeder, Gear box, pressing cage, Machine stand, Pressing chamber, Screw shaft.


Cold pressing is an oil extracting method for oil production. In recent years, cold pressing is more and more popular, and was introduced by many Edible Oil Production Line due to the high value of final cold-pressed oil. Cold pressing has strict requirements for the oil pressing temperature and quality of raw materials. The nutrients of cold pressed oil can be maintained to the utmost extend. And the cold pressed oil has a clear color and a light taste, and can be stored for a longer time. However, the oil yield of cold pressing method is relatively low compared to hot pressing method.

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