High-Risk Payment Gateway Malaysia

When selling software, finding a merchant account is one of the difficult tasks. While dealing with an e-commerce business, it is imperative merchants maintain a low chargeback ratio. With Amald, the search for credit card processing solutions for your software merchant accounts is over. We offer PCI-compliant payment gateway options as well as chargeback prevention and avoidance strategies.

Credit Cards And Currencies

With a reliable payment processor from Amald, not only you as a merchant can accept Visa and MasterCard transactions online, but can also accept payments in multiple currencies, that includes US dollars, Great Britain pounds, and euros.

Fees and other pay-outs:

When looking for a software merchant account, fees and pay-outs play a major role. Amald connects merchants to our diverse network of acquiring banks that determine your merchant account fees during the underwriting process. Each of our banking partners determines fees based upon your business’s strengths. Not just this, we also provide a free estimate by connecting you with our specialized merchant account manager.

A fee is determined through some pre-determined criteria such as the strength of your application, processing volume, and credit card processing history. You can expect to receive pay-outs daily (three days in arrears) or weekly (one or two weeks in arrears). Regardless of your pay-out schedule, you will receive your pay-outs one time, every time.

Once all the verifications are done, then the qualified merchants can accept credit cards through online portals. They can also request for virtual terminal access through their acquiring bank. With access to the bank’s virtual terminal, merchants can manually enter customer payment information directly into the payment gateway.

Chargeback Education For Merchants

For merchants selling goods and services via mail-order or telephone-order, chargebacks and friendly fraud can be an issue. We offer numerous ways to mitigate chargebacks, tips to best handle them, and advice on handling chargeback reversals.

Still, have queries to ask? Do not worry. We at Amald are here to help you out. With our 24*7 customer care service, we ensure that none of our merchants is left unattended. Contact us now and get in touch for a successful business.

If you are a high-risk business person, you can look for security in all your dealings. As a merchant, you can look for safer payouts with the aid of a payment processor such as Amald. Thus you can improve all your deals while you come in contact with a High-Risk Gateway solution.

Merchant Account High-Risk

If you are an industry possessor, you can look for a secure deal for an outstanding business. As a merchant, you can look for a service provider like Amald to enhance your payouts. There are instant deals that you obtain without any problem on the way. Just apply on our website and the experts will approach you with way-outs. Once you connect with us, you get an easy solution to your transaction process. As a merchant, you connect to numerous customers by a high-risk account way-out. This offers security to your entire payment process. Thus you can look for Merchant Account High-Risk Thailand for safeguarding your funds without a delay.

High-Risk Payment Gateway

If you are an industry owner, you can look for safe payment through a service provider such as Amald for augmenting your deals. Just connect with us for the premium services and you can seek secure payouts without any difficulty. As a merchant, you can look for solutions such as Non-3DS and 3DS for enhancing the security of your business. You can safeguard all your dealings without any unease. Scammers are avoided on the way and your gateway functions securely. Therefore you can draw several customers to your webpage and increase your payouts as well. Thus you can look for High-Risk Payment Gateway Malaysia without any unease.

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