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medical gases services

Broward A & C Medical Supply, Inc is committed to quality care and patient safety, supported by medical device regulations and standards, from the selection of raw materials through production till the administration of the medical gases.

We support you in every aspect of the delivery and use of medical gases, including the best technology and safety solutions, comprehensive training and associated medical gas services. To meet the overall requirements of the healthcare sector we also hold a specials license to enable us to supply any gas specifically requested by a healthcare professional.

Broward A & C Medical Supply, Inc treats product quality seriously, because we understand the impact it could have for your patients. Our products are produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are classified as a medicinal product. We, therefore, ensure that our production plants are continuously monitored, our product is analyzed before it reaches the storage vessels and is tested again before we leave an installation.

Thousands of customers, dentists, veterinarians, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities trust us to provide medical gases services from nitrogen to preserve vital blood and tissue, helium for MRIs, CO2, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, and respiratory therapy gases to help patients breathe.

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