Highest Quality Tea Products at Gong Cha Bubble Tea Shops in Illinois

Whenever your tastebuds crave something chewy, sweet, and refreshing, bubble tea shops in Illinois can be the perfect choice for so many reasons. There are so many facades to this tea-based drink that it is hard to describe the experience. If you are in Illinois, Gong cha is the highest quality bubble tea experience you can have. The boba tea brand stands out for offering the highest quality tea products you can find anywhere.


Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, the brand offers over 600 possible combinations of drinks that can be personalized for your tea experience based on the following factors:


Type of milk

Sugar levels

Ice levels


Ingredients & flavors


So, what makes the bubble tea from Gong cha shops in Illinois so special? Find out in this guide.


Properties of Great Quality Bubble Tea


Bubble tea is prepared as a mixture of tea, milk, and specific ingredients including fruit which is then added with tapioca pearls to complete the standout experience. Boba is an integral and important part of the overall experience.


Amount of Tapioca Pearls: High-quality bubble tea requires the amount of boba pearls to be easily visible from the outside. An average cup of tea must have at least 25% of tapioca pearls by volume, but this amount should vary based on the special instruction from the customer. Gong cha allows the customer to customize the amount of boba they want in their cup.

Taste: Great bubble tea needs to be slightly soft, but smooth on the outside. It should be chewy up to the center with a slightly progressive gradient of firmness. It should be able to bear up to 2 chews before collapsing. Gong cha not only meets these requirements, but also addresses the customized requirements of customers. Some users prefer their boba tea to be not too sweet, but it should feature natural ingredients, use high-quality milk and tea, and have chewy, but not crispy, hard, or mushy pearls.

Right Balance: The perfect boba tea requires creating the perfect balance between all the key ingredients and factors. This includes the following factors:


o Tea and milk in the right ratio

o Sweetness

o Warmth

o Texture of tapioca pearls


These are the factors that Gong cha has been able to balance in the right proportion over the decades.


Gong cha’s Values


Vast experience is just one reason why Gong cha bubble tea shops offer such a great tea experience. The brand selects only premium quality tea leaves and ingredients. When it comes to selecting the tea estates for sourcing the tea, the brand values the entire tea production process – from cultivation to the final purification process. Gong cha has specialized tea masters who follow ages-old craftsmanship involving precise recipes and standards, thus bringing consistency to the bubble tea experience across all their stores.


There is a new Gong cha bubble tea shop near you in Illinois serving the highest quality tea products. You can find one at the following locations:


H Mart 1295 E Ogden Ave, Naperville

Loyola, 1139 W Sheridan Rd – Coming Soon

State, 555 S State St – Coming Soon

DePaul, 2233 N Lincoln Ave – Coming Soon


If you want to learn more about Gong cha and the nearest shop, feel free to contact us at +1 630-995-3276. You may also write to us using this Online Form.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong cha Illinois. Gong cha offers 600 possible drink combinations of Bubble Tea Shops In Illinois allowing guests to select their sugar level, ice level, choose from six different milk foam series, and eleven toppings.

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