Highlight Brand Image and Increase Sales with Well-Designed Cash Wrap Counters

Cash Wrap Counters

Cash Wrap Counters

Cash wrap counters are those counters in a retail store where a customer pays for merchandise. Cash wells and checkout counters are some other names of these counters and they help in increasing the sale by displaying small sized but high value products. These counters are the best place to encourage customers to make a last-minute purchase by picking those items which do not require much decision-making effort. Moreover, these counters are important places for employees also as they need to keep their belongings like computer, purses, wrapping papers, stationery items, etc. Thus, the onus of choosing the right kind of counters and placing the right kind of merchandise lies on store owners.

Types of Cash Wrap Counters Popular in Retail Industry

The three most common kinds of configuration are:

  • A Single countertop consists of one unit as a checkout counter. This kind of counter is suitable for small retail stores and placed parallel to a wall.
  • A two-part or dual cash wrap works great for medium-sized to large-size stores. These counters have two sections where one unit acts as a free-standing unit and the other one placed parallel to a wall. The free-standing unit is used for storing belongings like paper bags, stationery items, etc.
  • Three-part cash wrap counters come in U-shaped and require good amount of space. These counters are expensive but a perfect pick for high-traffic stores requiring multiple checkout counters. These counters are spacious and therefore, ideal for performing sales related tasks like order processing, gift wrapping, customer support, etc.


The kind of merchandise needs to display on checkout counters vary from one store to other. The moot point is placing such items, which catch immediate attention of buyers and they do not think twice before picking them. For a stationery shop, items like pocket calculator, pocket diaries, calendars, etc., are the best to display on cash wrap counters. For an apparel store, clothes like scarf, hanky sets, hand towels, etc., are ideal pick. A store dealing in electronic items prefer placing batteries, wireless speakers, bluetooth, etc., on these counters.

Highlight Brand and Merchandise via Cash Wrap Counters

It is important to leave no stone unturned for reinforcing your brand image in the market.  The best way to do so is imprinting the company’s name or brand logo on the cash wells. Thus, if you are placing two-part or U-shaped cash wrap counters in your store, enhance your market visibility by placing stickers or logo imprinted on the counters facing to the customer.

Similarly, highlight your merchandise by increasing the visual impact of a cash wrap with accent lighting. Well-designed counters with ample lighting entice customers’ from far places and improve sales of a store. The other way is using attractive packing paper for packing the merchandise. In this manner, customers feel attracted and have a desire to view it.

So, use your cash wrap counters wisely and increase sales of a store manifold.

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