Hip Replacement Surgeon in Chennai

Causes of Hip Replacement Surgery
There are various reasons of hip replacement surgery but the most common causes of hip replacement surgery in Chennai include:

Osteoarthritis – Termed as ‘wear-and-tear arthritis’. osteoarthritis damages the stick cartilage which helps the joints move smoothly and covers the ends of the bones.
Rheumatoid arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis leads to a type of inflammation which can erode cartilage and underlying bone resulting in deformed and damaged joints.
Osteonecrosis – If the blood supply to the ball portion of the hip joint is not enough, Osteonecrosis may lead to dislocation or fracture, where the bone might collapse and deform.
The other causes of hip replacement surgery in Chennai can be due to persistent pain, difficulty to rise from the seated position and inability to walk up and down the stairs.

Dr Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital is the most preferable destination for patients who are looking for cost-effective hip replacement procedures. The cost for the hip replacement surgery in Chennai can vary depending on the type of surgery, use of implant and other medical conditions of the patient.

Dr. Lenin’s Orthoinde Hospital features a team of orthopaedic specialists who are highly skilled in performing hip replacement surgery in Chennai. Our team will guide you through every step starting from presurgical education to postsurgical care along with physical therapy with a goal to aid you to restore to your desired level of activity as soon as possible.

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