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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an important development in the world of digital marketing and SEO and has impacted many diverse industries. Digital marketing has continually evolved throughout the past few years and has experienced significant strategic changes due to the development of several pioneering technologies. Beginning with the simple optimization of a desktop’s landing page and progressing to the detailed process of creating engaging—and improving existing—content, SEO has gone through several transformations.

While the basic tool of SEO Idaho remains—same-keyword, links building, consistent content and optimization of meta tags—SEO now also includes factors like user-experience, social media marketing and mobile search. There are several new elements that need to be rethought. SEO is not merely a game of outsmarting algorithms and, thus, sustainable content strategies should be focused rather than viewed as simply tricks and links.

With Google’s introduction of RankBrain in 2016, new challenges arose for businesses and SEO specialists. RankBrain is a machine-learning algorithm which identifies buckets of data and patterns. RankBrain analyzes all Google searches and makes it a crucial ranking factor.

This shift in Idaho SEO strategy has made it extremely difficult for businesses to achieve higher ranks over search engines and still generate traffic. This game-changing adoption by Google has made it essential for every business to hire experts for optimization of their website. Developing effective solutions for the intricate RankBrain algorithm is a very daunting task for all except digital marketing experts.

RankBrain was initially developed to better understand the meaning behind words typed into search engines. By better understanding the search query, RankBrain can provide more precise results. To remain competitive on today’s web-centered field, a business must ensure that each of its web pages contains unique metadata—and pay close attention to the inclusion of useful and engaging content and schema markup—if it hopes to achieve top rankings in search results.

In this era of RankBrain, it is imperative for business owners to find creative ways to generate traffic and convert leads. Particularly small businesses and startups, which are not in the upper echelon of search engine results, should consider supplementing their organic search engine marketing strategies with paid marketing (e.g., PPC) to attain results. To rank high in results, writing featured snippets and conversational content is a good idea. Businesses also need to expand to concept-related content from keyword-based content.

It has become increasingly difficult for companies to overcome the challenges posed by RankBrain, identify influencers and build relationships to gain linking opportunities for their website and social media platforms—all while concurrently focusing on the core of their business. To combat this, savvy businesses have chosen to outsource digital marketing services to experienced agencies. Agencies are aware of current trends in SEO and digital marketing and understand what it takes to generate effective results.

When discussing trusted digital marketing agencies, Velox Media is often the first name that comes up. Velox Media is committed to taking partners of all sizes—from Enterprise to startups–to new heights by expanding global reach. Velox Media’s client list includes industry-leaders such as Dr. Axe, Rent The Runway, AERO Specialties, Munchkin, KinderLab Robotics, Better Bodies and many more.

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Velox Media is a respected agency offering comprehensive solutions for digital marketing Boise. Partnering with Velox Media ensures an ongoing focus on exceeding core business goals through utilization of the latest trends in SEO.

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