Hire Building Inspector in Perth while Getting New Construction

Every individual wants to own a house but the tough part is selecting the right location, builder, and quality of material while building your home. There are a lot of points that you have to check before starting the construction of the house. You cannot take the risk with the quality when you are building a home for yourself and your family.

Avail of the services of Master Building Inspectors; we are the leading service provider of building inspections in Perth. Our team will inspect the building deeply and then provide you the best results. You must be wondering about the duties of a building inspector. The duties are:

  • Getting approval of the building plan from various authorities.
  • To check the contract specifications, zone regulations of the area, and to make sure that the constructions are going according to the codes.
  • Timely monitoring of the construction to ensure that it is going according to the required standards.
  • The inspection team verifies that the building is meeting with required alignment, elevation, level, and various other standards.
  • If the work is not carrying on according to the standards they have to issue violation notice or stop-work orders.
  • Keeping a daily report of the work that also includes the photographs of the site.


All these points are to be verified by a building inspector and along with these; there are several other points also. Master Building Inspectors are among the leading inspectors for the inspection of your building operating in Perth. We work with complete dedication and professionalism to serve our clients with the best services. The inspection reports provided by us are of the best quality for the construction of Perth’s residential and commercial properties.



Our team ensures complete peace of your mind and takes the load of checking the property. Our reports are helpful to you in both the condition whether you are constructing a new property or renovating an old property. These reports will assist you to carry on the construction or renovation work confidently. We are here to assist you with the decision making that you are choosing the right property.

At Master Building Inspectors, we understand that it is very stressful to buy a new property; this is the reason why we are offering the inspection reports within the duration of 24 hours. Our team is highly skilled and qualified to inspect the property deeply and identify each defect. The training provides to our team ensures that they are ready for high-quality work.

If you are searching for a high-quality building inspector in Perth, let me educate you that Master Building Inspectors works in accordance with the AS 4349.1 Australian Standard. We are offering every kind of inspection services such as slab, pre-purchase, roof frame, and several other inspections. All these services are available with free site consultation. Visit the website of Master Building Inspectors and book an appointment regarding your property now.

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