Hire professional house cleaning Canberra service


If you are looking for a professional end of lean cleaning service Canberra, do not miss to hire professionals from privilegecleaning.com.au.

We run a company that offers you a professional end of lease cleaning Canberra services, which is precisely tailored to your needs.

Regardless of whether it involves cleaning services and caring for your private household, we offer you, for example, everything from the kitchen to bathroom cleaning, from the stairwell to floor cleaning. That will give you the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene gives. Our house cleaning Canberra staff will convince you too.

Final cleaning after a renovation, who doesn’t know that you lived for weeks like on a construction site. Dirt and germs everywhere. Everyone can understand that there is a great need for cleanliness. But you don’t need to worry here either. Our experience is your guarantee that a comfortable living environment can be created again soon.

Following are some of the areas which are covered in our cleaning services:


We look for scratches or dirty marks on the walls. If it is not possible to wash them, paint them with an emulsion of the same color. You can find pots of unfinished paint in the shed or utility closet that you can use. It is worth doing especially if there are a lot of brands, otherwise, the owner may decide to decorate it and bill you for the cost. If you hung any pictures or decorations on the walls, there are probably a lot of nail holes.


We clean all windows from the inside as well as outside. If there are cracked panels, we arrange to be replaced unless they appear in inventory at check-in. Windows makes quick prints on general hygiene.


You want to vacuum your furniture and wash it with a dry cleaning solution. Upholstery should look flawless: no odors, no hair, no bad smell. This is especially true if you live with young children, pets, or smoke cigarettes. Alternatively, you can hire our cleaning services Canberra.

For wood upholstery, we look for scratch marks, scratches, and dents. For a stunning finish, you can buy wood wax or use lemon oil. Rub the wood pieces well and your furniture will look brand new.

Curtains / Blinds: 

If the curtains are washable, we do it for you. Thoroughly dust both sides of the Venetian blind slats. We also repair any damage or replace it if the shade has become unusable.

This way, we will take care of everything in your end of lease cleaning services. Get in touch with us and know more about our other services!

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