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Ride in Kolkata

Kolkata, a city that is known for its art, architecture, and different cultural festivals. Kolkata is also the capital of West Bengal, and it was the capital of India at the time of the British Empire, also known as Calcutta. It has a famous place like Victoria Memorial, parks, and more missionaries of charity.


Due to the beauty, culture, and variety of tastes in food, people desired to visit here including the tourists. Although public transport is common in this city, it does not provide privacy and doesn’t reach on time due to multiple stoppages.

A Kolkata Taxi service is available 24/7 gives you privacy as well as allows you to reach on time without any additional stoppage. Let us know more reasons why Kolkata taxi services are more preferable:

Taxi Fare

Along with the outsiders, local citizens of Kolkata, also prefer a taxi. Kolkata has a huge crowded market area, which needs to be explored if you want to purchase good kinds of stuff. Let’s know about Taxi fare in Kolkata. Usually, taxis charge Rs10/km in the city itself.

However, if you want to travel long-distance from a taxi, this option is also available, though it may charge you more because of the long distance. It is easy and comfortable to reach your destination. Traveling more distance can charge you Rs 1500; it can increase according to the distance.

Tourist Taxi Service

As mentioned earlier, Kolkata has many beautiful things to offer to its visitors. This place attracts a lot of tourists, and they need to move one place to another to explore the whole city. To travel Kolkata taxi services also have tourist taxi services, these taxis are, especially for tourists.

For tourists this option is comfortable and easy, they can travel the complete city in very little time. Also, taxi drivers know which the best place to visit in Kolkata is, and the driver will take you to that place directly.

Tourist Taxis also have the luxury taxis, which have extra facilities and more comfortness comparing with the ordinary taxi. However, luxury taxis can be a bit expensive.

Cab Services

Cab services are a widely used transport system in India and all over the world.  In Kolkata also localities and other people use cab services to move from one place to another. Cab service in Kolkata are more frequent and available 24 hours. In Kolkata company for every cab is available like ola, uber, and more recent can service also.

Cab services are most preferable because of easy booking, affordable prices, and comfortless. Along with traveling in the city, cab services have also offered for outstation cab services and one way or two-way traveling also. All these facilities at a very affordable price, however, two ways outstation drives can be a bit expensive.

The main advantage is you can book this cab without moving from your place, easily through the cab services app, isn’t so simple and easy?

Enjoy your ride in auspicious city Kolkata!


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