Hire the Best Consultancy Company for Your Business


Connors group is one among the simplest management consultancy companies operating since 2008 and helping various companies to grow their business and improve their sales and profitability. they’re excellent industrial engineering consultants and concentrate on operational management and productivity enhancement using their excellent high performance workforce approach derived from industrial management and lean business practices. they need a deep experience across all retail verticals including grocery, QSR, convenience, specialty, big box and apparel. They partner with several leading retailers to enhance and sustain efficiencies, workforce performance, customer experience, associate engagement, and top line sales. Their major mission is to create trusted partnerships with the clients for sustainable operational improvement.

The expert team of senior consultants working here has its roots in workforce improvement;they even possess extensive field experience and is credited with excellent workforce management tools and proven methodologies for future success. they’re expert workforce management consultants and function an extension of their clients’ teams for ongoing project work repeatedly engaging in risk sharing arrangements which eventually gives good results. The expert team of the corporate follows ethical behavior with their clients and helps them within the absolute best way. They approach each client with attention to assist their clients get the simplest returns on their investment at cheaper rates.

Excellent Consultancy Services

They always provide the simplest working environment so as to draw in and retain top talent and serve their clients with excellence. they supply the very best quality services to their clients at much affordable price. They partner with their clients and lead operational improvements altogether aspect of retail, distribution, and manufacturing. they supply excellent services to their clients that include every aspect of retail operations and therefore the team expertise that has customer experiences, store team experience, workforce management, operational improvement, sales productivity, functional design, etc. they’re even experts in distribution center productivity and their expertise during this field includes engineered labor standards, slotting design, incentive systems, supply chain costing, and hourly wage incentives. They even help their clients with various manufacturing aspects. If you would like their assist you can contact them and take their service.


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