Hiring the right Patent Search Specialist can work wonders for your Business

Too many times, businesses fall prey to not taking conclusive actions towards sorting out patents including searches, analysis and guidance regarding infringement or other violations. This only leads to legal troubles in the future, particularly when there are new ideas to be implemented. Legal luminaries of companies, attorneys, litigators and even heads of research and development (R&D) who are mostly in charge of introducing new offerings across leading brands, like relying on patent search specialist who can get the job done by offering a plethora of helpful services and solutions.

Patent search services are highly in demand across the corporate and legal landscape, since it saves a considerable chunk of time and energy for companies and attorneys/litigators. Patentability quotients need to be assessed along with invalidity or validity of patents and even IPR (Inter Partes Review) which deals with Patent and Trial Appeal Board (PTAB) proceedings. Often, freedom to operate, infringement or product clearance are aspects where companies need guidance along with conducting technology studies for business aspects or even competitive benchmarking. Usage evidence, patent landscape studies, portfolio mining and whitespace studies are other crucial areas where businesses and their attorneys require assistance, technological analysis and invaluable insights/guidance.

Ensemble IP is the solution to all these needs. It counts on a skilled team comprising of scientists and engineers across Europe, the United States and Japan and is known for its motto of a responsive/high-touch approach towards every request made by a client. The company makes use of multiple databases and search engines strategically for finding literature in both patent and non-patent categories. A collaborative methodology helps in tackling difficult jobs, relying on several skilled analysts for online searches, on-the-ground analysis or consultation with a bench of reputed academic advisors with regard to the latest technologies. There is a stringent program of certification for analysts and the company is also known for being the brains behind the best-selling Amazon.com book on searching for patents. The management is comprised of innovative and influential thought leaders who were chosen to kick-start the pioneering PCT search process in the year 2005 by the USPTO and were awarded complete USPTO PCT Search contracts in the years 2006 and 2011. Company leaders successfully developed the most reliable and biggest patent search firm in markets like Europe, North America, Japan and China before coming up with Ensemble IP.

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