Historical and Ancient Sites in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia known as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is spread over a 2,150,000 KM area. This country is known and respected for two great reasons. The first one is the House of Allah SWT in Makah, and the second is the resting place of our beloved Muhammad SAW in Medina. Muslims can travel to these cities by availing of September UMRAH Packages and can perform a mini-pilgrimage to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT in accordance with the great Sunnah of beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. Our Prophet Muhammad SAW spent his whole life in this country. He SAW visited many places in his life, so this country is filled with many historical and ancient sites. These places are worth watching as these sites will take you to the past and introduce you to the true spirit of how Islam flourishes from this land to the whole world. Here we will discuss some of the important places which are must visit if you are in Saudi Arabia.

Historical and Ancient Sites in Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim Palace:

This palace is one of the great historical places in Saudi Arabia. Now this place has become a special expended fortress where Masjid Quba is in the center of this place. This place attracts many Muslims around the world. The total area of this masjid is around 16500 square meters. Greet Islamic tradition reflects in the design of the Masjid. This is known as the first masjid of Islam as built by the Holy prophet Muhammad SAW when he reached medina. Along Masjid museum showcase the rich culture of Islam.

Madain Salih:

This is one of the famous sites also registered in UNESCO historical and heritage sites. This is the first heritage of Saudi Arabia initially known as the Hijra. This site is a well-preserved site and the civilization of petra in Jordan is well preserved here. Here are around 50 inscriptions on this historical site that refelect the Nabayaean civilization culture in its true essence. There are around 111 toms which make this site more historically rich and famous. I advise you to visit all the places of great importance when you book cheap Umrah packages 2023 to perform Umrah.

Mount Uhud:

This place is one of the battle sites of Islam where the famous battle of Uhud was fought between the Arab Pagans and the Muslims. Now many Muslims visit this place and offer their homage to the great fighters of Islam. Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW himself took part in this battle, making this place a famous tourist place which is just 13 KM from the city of Medina.

Jubban Hail:

This beautiful ancient monument is located in Nafud Deserts in Saudi Arabia. Rock inscriptions and Mesolithic period sculptures make this place one of the oldest ancient places in Saudi Arabia. Sculptures like birds and animals are just worth watching. Many tourists visit this place in 2015 this place is included in UNESCO world heritage locations. This place is just 90 Km away from Hail.

Ushaiqer Heritage Village:

This village is located in Najd, where the old civil life of Saudi Arabia can be observed. This site is around 1500 years old, Low brimmed olive and palm orchards attract many tourists to this site. Specially designed mud houses are just worth watching as presenting spectacular natural views and rich cultures.

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