Historical Mountains in Saudi Arabia

Historical Mountains in Saudi Arabia

Here is the post on Historical Mountains in Saudi Arabia offered by our travel agency with the best Hajj and cheap Umrah Packages 2023 from the UK. The Holy Makkah is well-known not only for the Holy Kaaba but also for several other historical sites. The mountains of Hira, Mountains of Al Safa and Al Marwa, Arafat Mountain, Uhud, and Thor are the most well-known. In the Islamic faith, these locations hold a unique spiritual significance. Every year, Muslims go to these locations to seek Allah’s blessings during Hajj and Umrah.

• Hira Mountain

This is the mountain with the ‘Cave Hira,’ where the Prophet PBUH had his first revelation. Even before the revelation, the Prophet PBUH would frequently visit this cave to worship Allah. According to Hazrat Ayesha (R.A), “the Prophet’s PBUH Prophecy began with real dreams. Whatever he saw in his dreams at night, exactly the same thing happened during the day. As a result, the Prophet PBUH began to withdraw into himself.

As a result, he would travel to the Cave Hira to worship.’ When he was in the cave, an angel appeared and said, ‘Read.’ Because the Prophet PBUH was illiterate, he stated, ‘I don’t know how to read.’ When the angel heard this, he grasped Prophet PBUH so tightly that he felt agony, then he let go of Prophet PBUH and said, ‘Read.’ ‘I cannot read,’ declared the Prophet PBUH. The angel repeated the process three times before asking, ‘Now Read?’

The Prophet PBUH then began reciting Surah Alaq’s first five verses. The rock began to tremble as the Prophet PBUH was seated with his companions on Mount Hira, including Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A), Hazrat Usman (R.A), Hazrat Ali (R.A), Hazrat Talha (R.A), and Hazrat Zubair (R.A). ‘Stop, a Prophet, Siddiq, and martyrs are sitting upon you,’ remarked the Prophet PBUH.

• Arafat Mountain

Arafat Mountain is also a sacred site where, according to legend, Adam and Eve first met. Arafat is still a living witness in the area, where he is regarded as one of the Hajj foundations.

• Mountains of Al Safa and Al Marwa

The two legendary mountains of the Hajj ceremonies, “Al Safa and Al Marwa,” which Hajar hiked to get water for her son Ismail before the water springs from beneath his feet. “Al Safa and Al Marwa,” two tiny mountains, are still frequented by Muslims after the initial voyage to Mecca in quest of water.

• Mountain Uhud

Some of the Prophet’s hadeeths refer to mountains in Saudi Arabia as being “mountains of paradise,” such as “Uhud Mountain.” As is well known, the Uhud Mountain close to Al Madinah Al-Munawara witnessed the great conflict, which was titled after it “Uhud battle,” despite the fact that the Muslims were beaten in that battle, this renowned mountain was unaffected.
According to Fath al-Baari, the prophet remarked of Uhud, “Uhud is a mountain that loves us and we love it; it is one of the mountains of paradise.”

• Mount Thor

This mountain is located in the southern part of Makkah. During the migration, the Prophet PBUH and Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) sheltered in this mountain. This mountain is also referenced by Allah in the Quran. When non-believers intended to assassinate, arrest, or exile the Prophet PBUH. When the Prophet PBUH heard this, he and his companion went to a cave. They both spent three days in the cave.
Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) was concerned that non-believers might discover about them. The Prophet PBUH backed him up, adding, Abu Bakr, what do you think of those two men having Allah with them?

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