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HIV cure from the Top HIV Hospital in India


HIV a dangerous disease is caused by illegal relationships, blood transfusion, usage of drugs, etc. The disease was once incurable and it leads to death. The disease cannot be diagnosed for 3months from the infected person. Malaivel Siddha Hospital is the perfect solution for the Treatment of HIV in India. We are the Best AIDS hospital in India providing treatment for the disease with all-natural products used in medication.

Are you infected by HIV?
If yes, then the best place is the Malaivel Siddha Hospital which provides the best treatment for HIV positive treatment in India. Do not worry whether you are infected by the disease. We provide the best medicines in the country for curing the disease. The treatment is provided in two stages. The first stage includes treatment for 20 days and the second stage involves treatment for 4 to 6months. These medicines boost your immunity level and provide a cure for the disease.

Tired of running to hospitals for a cure
Malaivel Siddha Hospital is the Best AIDS Hospital in India that provides a cure from the disease. When no treatment is provided for AIDS it leads to death. The hospital is acknowledged by the Government of India for providing the best medicines for the disease. Our hospital provides quality treatment and cures the disease of the infected person

Searching for the top HIV Hospital in India?
Malaivel Siddha Hospital one of the best AIDS hospitals in India serves the people affected by HIV by providing the best medicines for the cure. The medicines provided by us have cured many people infected by HIV. We are ranked among the Top HIV hospitals in India in servicing the people with AIDS and spreading the benefits of Siddha medicines in society.

Get diagnosed by the best doctor…
Treatment is provided by the Best HIV doctor in India Dr.A.Malaiappakon who is serving the people for years. He has learned the medicine preparation from his father. He also follows his father’s method of service which was inscribed in a palm leaf. He identified various medicinal plants, leaf, stem, and roots that are used in preparing medicines for curing AIDS. Regular blood tests are advised to be taken by the patients to monitor the improvement in the treatment.
Stay Happy with our Genuine Treatment……


Malaivel Siddha Hospital
Karivalam Vanda Nallur, Sankarankovil (Tk),
Tirunelveli – 627 753.
Tamilnadu, South India
Phone: +91 9345998674 , +91 8344477763


Malaivel Siddha Hospital
Office No-B407, 4th Floor, Sai Sangam Building,
Sector 15, C.B.D Belapur,
Navi Mumbai,
Thane – Dist.
Maharashtra – 400614.
+91 9994447863


Malaivel Siddha Hospital
No.82/A, 1st Floor, Church Compound,
Arabic College Post, Veerannapalaya,
Bangalore – 560045.
+91 7373729999


Malaivel Siddha Hospital
No:3/61, 1st Floor, Ramapuram, Valluvar Salai,
Near (Punjab National Bank), Opposite to Thiruchenthur Murugan Traders,
Chennai – 600089.
+91 8344477763

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