Holiday Car Security Tips

Crime spikes during the holiday season.   Car break-ins are a holiday thieves’ favorite.   Such offenses are relatively easy – most thieves can figure out how to break into any vehicle.  And, because people often splurge on those for whom they care, there are worthwhile items for the taking.

During the holidays, eager thieves stroll malls and plazas.  They’re looking for parked cars already containing packages (or any kind of valuables), as well as shoppers who temporarily exit the stores just to place packages in their parked car (i.e. the shopper then returns to the stores for more shopping).  Sometimes, too, a thief will simply grab a package from a shopper.

Prevention and precaution are the best defenses against these kinds of theft.  Here are some tips to help secure your car and what’s inside it during the holidays (and any time, really):

•    Always Use the Trunk:  never place packages on the front or back seats or on the car floors.  Always use the trunk.  Thieves can easily spot items placed inside the car and have a much easier time opening up car doors.  Trunks are more difficult to open, take more time, and trying to open one looks obvious.  So, again, always place valuables in the trunk.

•    Mind Where You Park:   try to park where wherever it is well-lit and as close as possible to store entrances – even if you have to wait for an ideal spot, safety and security are worth the extra time.  If you wind-up beside a van or SUV, be mindful, as such offers thieves protection.

•    Move Your Car:  if you wish to drop-off packages in your car and head back into the stores, move your car to another spot.   Otherwise, crooks will know for sure which car will remain unattended for an extended period.

•    Lock it /Close it:  this might seem apparent, but many people inadvertently forget to lock their car doors and shut their windows and sunroofs.  This has let thieves easily pilfer valuables.

•    Pay Attention:  remain alert to what’s around you at all times, especially when walking back and forth to your car.  Keep your eyes up (not on your smartphone) and have your keys in your hand, ready to use when you reach your car.  After you place your packages in your trunk (always), immediately get inside your car and lock it.

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