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It took years to finally get here – but, in 2020, it’s safe to say the Wifi Home Automation revolution has finally arrived. These gadgets can turn your dumb home into a smart hub, one that can turn your thermostat up, lock your doors, and play your music with a simple voice command.  Home Automation Products

Setting up your smart home can be as basic as putting a smart speaker in your living room, or as complex as an intricate network of connected devices. To what extent you invest in your smart home is really down to you, and you can personalize it to your level of comfort.


All the best Z-wave products in Australia and Home Automation Systems. All products have been tested within Australia using the Standard AU Frequency on the Vera + hub and Fibaro Home Center 2. All our products follow the strict guidelines to ensure compatibility with your Z-wave System.


Zigbee is a complete loT solution — from mesh network to the universal language that allows smart objects to work together. Zigbee increases choice and flexibility for users and developers and delivers the confidence that products and services will work together through standardization and testing of all layers of the stack.

Zigbee certified products can connect and communicate using the same IoT language with each other, and millions of Zigbee products already deployed in smart homes and buildings. Zigbee is built with backwards & forwards compatibility in mind.

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