Home Cleaning Tips for Monsoon Season

With monsoon come soothing breeze, petrichor, greenery, and vitality after the scorching summer. The drizzling shower and pouring rain fill the heart with joy. But wait, once the rain is over you might find your house covered with flies and insect, dampness, and odour. Don’t let them kill the beauty of the rainy season. Make your home monsoon ready with helpful monsoon cleaning tips.


Growth of moss and mold is common during the rainy season due to the humid atmosphere. Molds are harmful to health, to control the growth of mold and moss check the roof and exterior for the crack and repair them before the onset of the monsoon season. Using a waterproof coating on the exterior and coating the roof with a waterproof substance will help in preventing leakage damage.


Carpets and rugs: it is suggested to roll away the rugs and carpet before the monsoon. But before removing the carpet it is suggested to clean them properly you can also take the help of the professional carpet and floor cleaning in Lucknow.


It will prevent the rug from moisture, dampness, and mud that become common during the monsoon. If it is not possible to remove them then it is suggested to vacuum them regularly.

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Take care of wooden furniture: keep all the wooden items a few inches away from doors and windows. You can keep naphthalene balls inside the wooden cupboard to absorb moisture and keep clothes fresh. Putting neem leaves will keep silverfish away.


The humidity level is high during monsoon. Leaving door and windows open helps in cross-ventilation but it could allow insects and mosquitoes to get inside. Put mosquito net on doors and windows.


Keep pathway, staircase, and doorways clean and dry. Growth of algae and moss can make pathway slippery that can cause an accident. Cleaning the pathway using chlorine and vinegar is also a good way to keep moss and algae away.


Clean and scrub swimming pool frequently as it is prone to accumulate algae and dirt during this season. Cleaning the pool with chlorine will help in keeping it clean.


Do not let water accumulate on your roof or surrounding to stop the growth of mosquitoes. Clean clogged drain pipeline and sewer before the monsoon.


It is suggested to call a professional home cleaning service in Lucknow. They will make your home ready for the monsoon. Availing professional deep cleaning service before and after monsoon is a good way to keep your home clean, healthy, and hygienic. With these simple and easy steps, you can make monsoon healthy and happy for your home too.


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