Homeopathy Treatment For Most Common Conditions: PCOS And Kidney Diseases

Homeopathy is the branch of medicine that uses tiny amounts of plants and natural substances. Its basic principle lies in the fact that our body can heal itself. This is alternative medicine and is quite popular all over the world. India, too, has recognized the benefits of homeopathic treatment, and many Indians are looking to get homeopathic treatment for PCOS and kidney diseases, two of the most common conditions in the country.

Homeopathic Treatment For PCOS

Studies have shown that homeopathic treatment for PCOS is quite effective and possibly the best alternative for this condition. This is because homeopathic medicines ultimately focus on curing the disease from the roots and not just suppressing the symptoms. Some of the common medications for PCOS and PCOD include Pulsatilla for very few and late periods, sepia for acute pains, Apis Mellifica for PCOS with pricking pains, Lachesis for PCOD with repulsion to tight clothes, and graphites for PCOD with constipation.


Homeopathic treatment for PCOS works by managing the woman’s overall health by addressing the uterus’s health and regularizing the ovulation cycle, thus making periods regular. If you get homeopathic treatment for PCOS , these medicines will restore hormonal imbalance without tipping the scales too much. Hence, this treatment is more effective than traditional medications and ensures a safe and healthy treatment option that does not drastically change your body or has no side effects. The therapy may last around three to six months but may vary according to the patient’s symptoms and the severity of the condition.

Homeopathy Treatment For Kidney Diseases

Homeopathic medications relieve the pain and spasms associated with kidney stones.


Homeopathy is used to treat a kidney stone’s passage, but the stone’s size should be small enough to pass without surgery. This treatment for kidney failure frequently alters the clinical picture, which requires a different remedy. Hence, it is used with other therapies, including heat packs, herbal medications and nutrients. Homeopathic treatment for chronic kidney disease prevents your kidneys from failing as it works by improving kidney function, reducing the need for dialysis, and increasing the time between two dialyzes. It also helps relieve the common symptoms of chronic kidney disease like poor appetite and weight loss, shortness of breath, swollen ankles, feet or hands, and easy tiredness or fatigue.


If you contact the kidney specialist in Lucknow, he/she will keep track of the disease’s progress by giving medicines at the disposition level so that the body’s own kidney is stimulated to carry out the desired function. It also maintains the levels of Serum Creatinine and does not allow it to rise any higher. The kidney can be restored to its natural state if the patient arrives at an early stage of renal failure when the kidney tissues’ damage is minimal. If the renal failure is due to diabetes or hypertension, the blood sugar and blood pressure can be maintained with homeopathic medicine, and the kidney structure can be retained.


PCOS and kidney diseases are two of the most common conditions many people silently suffer from. But homeopathy has emerged as a great option for patients, especially when conventional medicines do not work. So contact the kidney specialist in Lucknow for your treatment.

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