Hone your success with the on-demand medical cannabis delivery app


Marijuana or weed has been used by many people nowadays compared to older days. People have started to turn their attention to this Marijuana since they are getting aware of its benefits. It has been just to spotlight because of the medicinal, recreational and spiritual uses it provides.

States in the US have already started to legalize Marijuana for its recreational and medical purposes. Due to this, there are a lot of legal dispensaries that are coming forward to sell this product.

But in the technology world, since eCommerce has already conquered the digital market, many businesses are trying to get their spot and have a taste of success by growing their user base.

Moreover, it has become convenient for the customers to get marijuana from just the comfort of their homes in just a few taps. So, if you are one of the business owners who would like to take part in the success of the eCommerce business, then here is your chance.

Try developing an on-demand medical cannabis delivery app now. Don’t worry even if you don’t know anything about it. Because this blog is to help you with some word about it.

Business models of the app:

The business model for Uber for weed delivery application can be threefold:

Single store model:

If you own a legal dispensary for marijuana already, then you can create an app for the users to order just from your app. With the app, you could reach new heights in sales and can also expand your customer base. For deliveries, either you or a third party delivery service can be used.

Delivery centric model:

If you don’t own a store, you can be the delivery service provider. You can collect the marijuana from the stores and you may deliver the product. This way, you can get the commission for every order that is fulfilled.

Aggregator model:

This is the model we are going to look at in a detailed version. In this model, you will get to cater to the users with services of ordering marijuana from its stores and delivering it to the customers. While you are looking to develop an aggregator model, there are different sections that have to be given attention to for a seamless experience. The three sections are:

  1. Users:

The essential unit of your app is your user base. They are the ones who will be ordering the Marijuana either for recreational purposes or for medicinal purposes. It is important to create an app for users separately so that they could order the product from the nearby stores with ease.

  1. The stores/dispensaries:

The dispensaries that sell the weed will appear on the app if they are partnered to be displayed in it. The group of stores is the ones who do not have a delivery service for themselves or who wish to gain visibility and customer reach. Once the dispensaries are partnered, they can post their inventories and users can choose from them.

  1. Drivers:

An exclusive delivery system is essential for your app. This means, there should be people working to deliver the product to the users at their doorstep in a faster way. The drivers can be people who work either part-time, full-time.

Must-have offerings:

To make your app unique and efficient at the same time, you need to have some essential things that you offer via your app.

  • The app should be easier for navigation and quick access to all the dispensaries and get a delivery from them.

  • The delivery system must be organized and the app should allow the dispensaries to promote their stores through advertisements in your app.

  • The updates of your app should be regular to advance success.

  • The app should not be too complicated and must be pleasing.


For the development process to be simpler, you can consult with various development companies that offer readymade scripts to launch your app with ease. Make sure you decide what are the features you would like to add to your app to make it stand out from the bunch of other similar apps. After deciding, the development team will integrate them into the script. Once everything is done, the app will be launched.


Consider and plan all the aspects like determining the market, acquiring a license with taking care of the legal perspective, and many more. Inform and plan yourself first about these aspects to keep growing as a successful business.

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