Honestly, this is one reason I couldn’t get into NH

There’s a whole lot of Animal Crossing Bells things missing but a ton of developments too. These days, I’m not really surprised when a new software (like games) fail to include features of their past iterations. The missing sets I can understand using the frequent updates and it seems to follow the Animal crossing mobile game model, but things such as: villagers moving in and outside homes, asking to See your Home, hide-and-seek type mini games, random actions like kicking around a soccer ball are thing that gave villagers lifetime

Honestly, this is one reason I couldn’t get into NH. Among my favourite items in NL was that you can just talk to the villagers and they would always have something interesting to say about the town or at the time of day or the weather or what they or you were wearing and they would often give you a bit of task or a question after only a few interactions. I believe I could count on the number of tasks I have been awarded in NH on one hand and even though I have not played that much that they seldom tell me something fresh. I also really miss NL’s songs but I think that’s the case for most of us

1 day, I made a character named Jane believing somehow she’d respond differently. She did not. The weird thing is, they added sassy comments but at the completely wrong places. Like villagers sass you for talking to them more than once a day, or being gone for 5 days or whatever. Do not sass me for wanting to play the damned game. Sass me for providing dumb answers to queries, dropping you into a pitfall, wearing ugly clothing, etc..

Yeah that makes absolutely no sense. :-LRB- It is like the devs need us to buy Animal Crossing Items focus just on designing and terraforming instead of actually… you know, interacting with and forming connections with our villagers.Sometimes that they sass u a bit when u made a bee sting.

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