Hong Kong Offshore

Hong Kong is one of the best places to establish companies in Asia. Companies in Hong Kong pay no taxes on income obtained from outside Hong Kong. Business infrastructure in Hong Kong is highly developed, offering easy access to mainland China, strong banking and subtle incorporation procedures and corporate laws.

Company in Hong Kong

  • Company formation in Hong Kong takes around 1-2 business days
  • At least one Director and one shareholder are required
  • Minimum share capital required is 940 EUR
  • Director of the company doesn’t need to be a resident of Hong Kong
  • Local Registered Office and a Company Secretary are required.

Company management

  • Return filing, Employer’s Return filing and Profits Tax Return filing are required annually.
  • Annual cost of maintaining a company in Hong Kong is 215 EUR.

Hong Kong corporate tax

  • Zero corporate tax on income from outside of Hong Kong
  • Corporate tax on profits within Hong Kong is only 17.5%
  • Income tax for individuals on income derived in or from Hong Kong is 16%


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