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Hospitality Management Software

Having a perfect hospitality management system for the hotel is very crucial for business in Canada. There are so many companies that are offering this hospitality management system. But as we all know, the recurring cost is very high often, and during this downtime, it’s very difficult to afford over-budget software. That’s why Nanovise provides an exclusive discount for its HMS product, which we never had in our past. And we offer 30 days free trial also, and if you need any customization according to your hotel, then we are happy to customize it as per your requirement.

Nanovise, hospitality management system, is designed to perform back office and front office operations, which are always in sync in real-time. It provides you the real-time data so that hotels can increase its service level and guest satisfaction. Software overall front-office capabilities are booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, and billing. It provides possibilities to access, update, and track all the relevant information concerned with the day-to-day functions across all departments.

Nanovise, hospitality management system, offers features crucial to hospitality such as booking partner commission track, reservation and housekeeping management, front-desk and guest relationship management, point-of-sale, reporting, more to provide a more seamless experience. Booking is a critical option for any hospitality management system. Today, bookings come from a wide range of sources such as hotel’s or travel websites, corporate clients and airlines, travel agents, etc. Hence it is good to track the commission amount you are paying for each source each month, and you have a real idea about it. Front-desk operation is a basic feature to simplify the check-in and check-out processes for the staff.

Like any other operations, the front desk staff may have to make changes to reservations such as room change, change dates, assign rooms, etc. And our system is designed to do all these operations from a single-window without much navigation. And few times in many hotels front desk manage room service and laundry too. So we provide that window to the front desk too. Our housekeeping functionality will help the hotel define whether some rooms need to be cleaned up or completely tidied up for the next arriving guest, and assign employees to clean certain rooms. Once everything is done, you can update room statuses which will make check-ins.

Hoteliers should collect and organize guest data to keep in touch with current and past customers during and after check-out. That’s why our CRM feature is integrated with the front desk and reservation system to gather guest information from these sources. This feature provides a database for keeping guest data in an available format. This feature can also help organize a marketing strategy and create a more personalized guest-focused experience and loyalty program for a spectrum for hotels. Keeping track of revenue, reservations, and inventory is difficult and time-consuming. Reporting is essential to any hotel business growth. These reports give you valuable insights into your hotel performance anytime. Nanovise, hospitality management system, reporting feature will help you analyze how you are doing on the ground, identify potential issues such as overbookings and improve your hotel management.



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