Host a Tween or Teen Spring Sleepover with These 3 Beauty Essentials

You and your girlfriends deserve a night of pampering. So, why not host a fun spa-themed slumber party for your next get-together?

Use the occasion to catch up on life and school, and then watch a movie—all while showing your skin some love, painting your nails, and trying out different hairstyles. You get the idea. Here are a few tips for how to host a night of beauty and bonding that you and your friends won’t soon forget.

Face Masks

Even youthful faces could benefit from a refreshing and hydrating face mask. While a daily face wash for kids, tweens, and teens is part of a daily beauty regimen. A spa-worthy mud or clay mask used a time or two throughout the week is a perfect way to refresh and deeply clean skin. Just think of how luxurious it will feel to apply a layer of a soothing and purifying mask onto your face.

Since you and your friends are the perfect age to understand the value of caring for your skin, be sure to choose an effective, safe mud or clay mask that contains natural ingredients and is healthy for your face. Opt for a product that is specifically designed for tween and teen skin for best results.

Some masks are gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Other masks are designed for oily skin that’s acne prone and therefore work to absorb excess oils and exfoliate dead skin. There are also some designed to unclog pores and clear up unwanted blackheads without stripping any natural oils. Do a little research and seek out the one that’s best for you and your friends, or buy a couple and apply each one where it’s needed for a customized face mask experience.

Moisturize Your Face

After you rinse your mud or clay mask off 10-15 minutes later, don’t forget to follow up with a natural moisturizer for face as a final step to lock in moisture. And when you moisturize makes a difference, because even if you wait a few minutes after cleansing, the surface cells start to dehydrate and are harder to hydrate.

What you moisturize with is also important because you want your skin to feel nourished, soft and hydrated. Choose a lightweight moisturizer that’s effective for all skin types, including oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. You want your moisturizer to lock in hydration without clogging your pores. If you find one with Plantolin® Extract, this ingredient will help calm and soothe the skin. To further nourish your skin, seek out a hydrating formula that contains natural ingredients such as rosehip and ginger root extracts.

Glow in the Dark Nails

A mani is a must at a slumber party. Add a fun twist by getting a few glow in the dark glitter nail polishes in the latest trendy colors. Remember how excited you were the first time you waved a glow stick around? You might be able to rekindle that feeling with your glittery glow in the dark nails. Look for nail polish sets that include a variety of fun colors like glittery purple, pink, and blue or neon orange, yellow, and green. You could paint each other’s nails or do your own. And when the lights go off, check out your handiwork.

And, if you have time during your spa night, you could practice doing different hairstyles. Everybody has that one friend who’s good at doing hair. Try a French braid and messy bun combo or a fishtail braid! The point is to enjoy a relaxing night of pampering and fun with friends.

About Luv Ur Skin

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