Hotel Luxury Redefined in Dubai

The word “luxury” has been in use so much that it has been degraded from its height. You are staying in a hotel known for its high-class service and comfort bordering on opulence, so you expect real high standards. Truly speaking, there are no set standards that should describe a deluxe hotel but there are a few things that run through almost all the fancy hotels of the world and the first among them is the check-in process. Nothing can be more frustrating than standing and waiting interminably for check-in. once you check-in, your luggage should be ported in withing minutes. On the day you checkout, the hotel should offer you with express checkout and quickly settles the account. The hotel must ensure they give you the room type that you want. A true luxury hotel knows for sure to allow you the rooms which are pet-friendly, allergen-free, enhanced mobility, close to the city or beach, as per your choice, and the view from the room as you desire.

A posh hotel should have rooms that you like as soon as you walk in. The design should be consistent, with high-quality furnishings and no signs of anything cheap about these hotels. You expect a quiet room, far away from the noise from the gensets or elevators. It should be free from odours and mildew or aggressive smells from freshener. There must be original art pieces on the walls, no fake walls and ceilings and you don’t expect rococo patterns anywhere in the interiors. The beds should be king-size, a reading chair that doesn’t creek and a decent table. The bathrooms should come across as an area of pride. There should be a tub built for two and it should not be so high as to make it inconvenient for you to step into. There must be the good water pressure in the showers, bath gel and bar soaps should be there in their places, robes, set of towels, slippers, makeup mirrors with properly angled lights and enough racks for drying clothes of laundry. In many luxury hotels, you may find bidets and double-siphoned flush toilets.

Luxury hotels in Dubai offer these and much more. You will be charmed by their uniqueness, one of its kind designs of each hotel, their grand feat of architecture and artistry. The luxury and opulence of these hotels are carried through to their interiors. Some hotels offer 360* views from the top terrace or cafeteria.

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