Hotel Management Colleges Should be an All Rounder Facility Provider

Gone are the days when Hotel Management colleges would be just a place where students would attend their various classes, gain the education and go home. Nowadays every household has a minimum of 2 students studying hospitality of various streams. Bachelor of Hotel Management, BVoc in Hotel Management , BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Studies and many more have thousands of students who study these streams of hospitality management. However now it’s not just the academics which matter. Every hotel management college has to provide much more than just good education. Some such facilities are listed below which majority colleges provide.

Top Hotel Management colleges in Pune provide the below mentioned facilities.

  1. Seminar Halls with High Tech teaching aids

All colleges have one or more seminar halls with high tech teaching aids and facilities. Latest technology helps with LCD screens, projectors, laser pointers, multimedia and audio-visual systems and much more. The seminar halls are well equipped and can seat students in large numbers. The seating arrangements are made comfortable to ensure students can sit and learn for long hours. Audio visual systems cover the entire hall so that students sitting behind can also get a better view and hearing of the lectures.

  1. Store for all the stationery needs of the students on campus

Most colleges have an in-campus stationery store which has all the required materials for students completing their Hotel Management course. Students study at odd hours and hence require stationery at odd hours as well. Some colleges provide a 24 hours store which makes the students life more comfortable.

  1. Hostel Facilities with Mess

Almost all hotel management colleges have their own hostel buildings with a monthly mess facility. This facility is for the outstation students who come from far away cities or villages to study in these colleges. Hostel facilities ensures these students stay within the campus and hence do not spend much time comuting in a new city.

  1. Extra-Curricular activities

As said earlier, Best Hotel Management colleges in Pune do not just provide teaching facilities; they are involved in various kinds of extra-curricular activities as well. Colleges have students representing them in various sports activities on national and international levels as well. New sports like Archery and Go-Karting are also now a part of college life of hotel management students. Other activities include debate competitions, seminars and project presentations on real world issues, celebrating national days, annual day functions, cultural programs and much more. Such activities stimulate the students brain and does not make him/her dull. These activities also bring out and enhance the real talents in the person and hence help in the overall growth of the person.

  1. Gymnasium

The wave of keeping your body healthy is strong among the youth. Hotel Management colleges now have their own gymnasiums which students can use to stay fit and healthy. Along with gyms, they also have their own medical facilities which can be used in emergencies. Nutritionists and dieticians are available on call, to answer to student’s nutrition related queries. This is a must as a student’s life can be very stressful and a nutritionist can be a good guide to stay fit.

These are some of the facilities which are provided nowadays by the top Hotel Management colleges. Others have the obvious facilities like transportation for far away students, on campus library for studying in a quiet environment, canteen for good and healthy food and many more. An hotel management student’s life is revolved around the course and his/her college for minimum of 3 years and hence colleges providing such facilities are considered top notch and preferred by all.

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