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The Dead Sea Wander

The Dead Sea can be an excellent place to visit, especially when you splurge for one of the luxury hotels Dead Sea, Israel. There can be a lot of beauty here, but there are a lot of things that you need to know about this area before you take your trip. By reading on, you can learn all about this popular tourist destination.

If you are planning a trip to Israel, the Dead Sea is a must-see while you are here. The reason that this is called the Dead Sea is because there is such a high mineral content to the water that it makes it inhabitable for most species. This is a lake that is known for being located at the lowest point on the entire planet, making it a natural wonder that you absolutely must see. When travelers come here, they will notice the pure white crystal formations that are visually stunning to look at. There is sulphuric mud that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The water is incredibly salty, which makes it so that you can actually float on the water. It is located about 30 miles away from Jerusalem.

You have a few options as far as visiting the area. There are organized tours that you can enjoy in the area, which seem to be a popular choice for people who want an easier and more convenient way to see this beautiful site. However, these can be expensive and you don’t really have the flexibility to do whatever you want on the tour. If you want a truly memorable experience, it is recommended that you visit this place without the guided tour. You will find a few different beaches along the Israeli side of the Dead Sea. The northern area of the Dead Sea is where you will find the popular Biankini beach and the Kalia beach. These beaches are right next to each other and have other places to visit like bars, restaurants, swimming pools, and showers. The southern area of the Dead Sea is where you will find the Ein Bokek beaches. Depending on the type of experience you want will determine which area is best for you. Or, you can enjoy visiting both areas on a longer trip here.

There are plenty of hotels near Dead Sea Israel, as well as excellent hotels by the Dead Sea Israel, that you can choose from to make sure that you have an incredible vacation here. If you want “cooler” weather when you are here, you will want to visit between October and March. The temperature here during that time is usually between 70°F and 79°F. Outside of this time period, you can get temperatures that are over 100°F. The water is warm enough to enjoy at any time of year, but it all depends on whether you can handle the high temperatures during the summer months. No matter what, you are going to have an incredible experience when you go to the Dead Sea.

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