House of the Dragon: New Game of Thrones Prequel Announced by HBO

The fans of world-renowned series Game of Thrones have been on a rollercoaster ride recently as they received one shocking announcement after another. The three most notable pieces of news contained:

  1. Cancellation of the much-awaited GOT prequel that even had a known cast and pilot.
  2. GOT and Disney runners David Benioff and DB Weiss leaving for a forthcoming Star Wars trilogy
  3. HBO announcing another prequel for Game of Thrones named House of the Dragon.

Ryan Condal, best known for Colony, is going to write the show while George R.R. Martin co-producing it. The series is inspired by Martin’s 2018 released Fire and Blood, and as the name suggests, it is going to focus on House Targaryen. The show is said to consist of 10 episodes and will showcase the civil war amidst the Targaryen dynasty. The timeline in the show will be 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

The fans would love to know that the pilot for the series is going to be directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Michael has previously worked on several GOT episodes, including Battle of the Bastards and Hardhome. The audience well-received both episodes. Michael will also be serving as a showrunner beside Ryan Condal.

HBO has been in the limelight for a while as its upcoming streaming service HBO Max is on the way. It was on the presentation for HBO Max, where the president of HBO programming, Casey Bloys, announced the prequel. The news of a prequel revolving Targaryens is undoubtedly exciting; however, it did break numerous fans’ hearts as this meant the cancellation of Naomi Watts starring GOT prequel. The cancellation of prequel starring Naomi Watts is surprising for other reasons as well, because it not only had a pilot but had a list of 15 cast members as well.

The book on which the show is based on is undoubtedly intriguing as it does not follow A Song of Ice and Fire’s one-timeline format. It will not be an easy task; that is for sure, as the project is unfinished like the majority of Martin’s work. There will be some thinking to do for the writers as a lot of unwritten material will have to be fleshed out.

If the show stays true to the books, then we know that it will start with Aegon Targaryen arriving in Westeros and conquering six out of seven kingdoms there. The scenario will somewhat make him our Ned Stark of House of the Dragon. The idea of remaining closer to the GOT timeline seems better than going back 10,000 years and featuring Houses; the show-exclusive fans are not familiar with.

There is no fixed date about the release of House of the Dragon, but one thing is for sure that HBO will soon start providing the needed information to maintain the hype for the show. Fire and Blood did not hit the expectations mark for the fans, but with a show based on it, it may be the chance for martin to do some improvisation.

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