How a BVI Company Fits into a Global Corporate Structure

Incorporating a company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) suits a variety of global purposes. This is why many experts consider it one of the best jurisdictions in which to set up an international business company.

To begin with, BVI’s main language is English, which most countries and people speak. It uses American currency and its government is stable. Other beneficial advantages include:

  • Efficiency: corporate laws acknowledge those from major countries, which ensures corporate operations go forth with maximum productivity.
  • Simple Financial Commitments: asset distribution is uncomplicated, provided the company maintains cash flow and solvency.
  • Proficiency: corporations function easily without restriction. Directors can authorize most actions without shareholder resolution.
  • Cost-consciousness: incorporation and annual fees for BVI companies are much less or comparable to fees of other popular offshore jurisdictions.
  • Shareholder and Director Privacy: the public cannot look up the names of company shareholders and directors.
  • Straightforward Requirements: corporate rules are simple and easy to comply with. Examples include:
  1. Owners can incorporate a company quickly
  2. Corporations can function with a sole director and sole shareholder.
  3. Directors do not need to be BVI residents.
  4. There are no director or shareholder meeting requirements (regarding frequency or location).
  5. Annual fillings are not required.
  6. Financial audits are not required.
  7. Corporations can choose where they want to keep their records
  8. Economic Substance rules apply only to companies engaged in 9 relevant activities.
  • Confidence: BVI is a highly recognized offshore corporate centre. Numerous financial, business, legal and other trained and experienced professionals are available to help handle all business needs.
  • Advanced Trust Structures: BVI’s unique trust laws allow settlors to create family trusts arrangements that offer maximum benefits, all while maintaining full business control.
  • Tax Neutrality: the BVI has no wealth, capital gains, income, corporation, or any other fiscal tax.
  • Commercial Court: BVI offers a commercial court with an exceptional reputation for solving international disputes.

CCP Financial Consultants Limited

CCP Financial Consultants Limited is a BVI based, multidisciplinary financial solutions firm dedicated to providing premium financial solutions, company formation in BVI, and BVI offshore company services to clients around the world.

It primarily focuses on Company Incorporation and Management, Ship Registration, Liquidations, Accountancy, Economic Substance, and assists with bank account opening.
Please visit the website for more details on its full range of services and, if required, you can schedule a consultation for more information.

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