How a Patent search specialist Entity Will Help You

A patent search specialist is greatly needed in the present scenario. Companies require this service/solution even more in the current competitive environment, be it searching for patents, validating the same, defending infringement, analysis, Inter Partes Review (IPR) submissions and more. A professional patent search specialist will help you immensely with high-quality searching above all else. Ensemble IP, for instance, is one of the foremost global patent search firms with abundant experience in working with skilled patent practitioners and litigators. This helps in understanding client demands thoroughly while delivering purposeful results thereafter. All services and operations are tailored to sync with the most pressing needs of business and legal communities worldwide.

Comprehensive searching facilities are provided by Ensemble IP which fuses proven technologies with human expertise including AI (artificial intelligence) and Boolean for going beyond results delivered by competitors and peers. Extensive business procedures are carried out to ensure suitable scoping of projects along with enabling extensive searching and adherence to time and budgetary aspects. Searches are facilitated across databases and cover all languages of interest with usage of the same analyst for projects, adhering to major reporting formats. A contemporary patent search procedure has been invented by the company for scope capturing and covering time based needs along with enabling a fusion of both aspects immaculately.

Over more than two decades, the team at Ensemble IP offers total scalability of services along with stringent protection of data, complete transparency, quotes minus commitments, white glove service and the very best prior art. Pre-filing and batch procedures are custom-tailored and cost-effective, covering patentability in all its myriad aspects for ensuring multiple searches for corporations, while analyzing patentability and deciding on filing particular patent linked applications. Patentability searches help attorneys since they can offer various options/opinions to clients in this regard. Invalidity and validity are key areas where the company steps in to assist clients, seeking to support litigators while giving abundant options to clients regarding patent validity. IPR (Inter Partes Review) and assistance for proceedings at Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) as far as litigators are concerned, make up core service offerings. Some other services include assistance and guidance with infringement issues and product clearance along with competitive benchmarking analysis and portfolio mining studies. Patent landscape studies are also conducted accordingly.

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