How a Quincy IL wedding photographer captures intricate details.

Photographing details in the morning of the wedding is one of the most important times of the day that sets the tone for candid photography. Photographers would like to get in there first to let the couple and the bridesmaids get used to the fact that there’s a photographer there. However, typically the wedding photographer is not clicking the bride and the groom right away as they will still be getting their hair and makeup done. Well, some of the shots may be cute, but ideally, a photographer will wait till the makeup is almost done. During this time, the photographer may be clicking away some shots using intricate bridal and ceremonial details such as the wedding card, the bride’s shoes, veil and tiara, the groom’s bow tie, and more. Experienced photographers will not be shooting brides with half their makeup on.

Photographers take advantage of the wedding venue or outdoor to serve as a background for wedding photos. Sometimes, just having a fairly simple background such as a riverside, under a tree or even a hill, provides a unique touch to the photography. Quite recently, we at Kinard Photography shot a few bridal photographs in Quincy, Illinois. Quincy has a long and rich history. Founded in the 1820s, Quincy drew settlers because of the abundance of the natural resources of the area. This little settlement grew to become of the largest settlements of the state. Popular for Abraham Lincoln who was then a Republican candidate for the Senate in Illinois, today Quincy has emerged to become a well-known business district. In addition to serving as the hub for professional business, downtown has some unique locations such as the Washington Park, which once hosted Lincoln’s famous debates, now organizes Summer concert series Blues in the district.

Quincy is home to 3364 buildings in the entire nation known for its unique architecture. These provide a great backdrop to the city and is especially a gem for photographing. Quincy IL wedding photographer shoots couples in such amazing locations for the intricate wedding photography. So, while you may be getting ready for the event, our photographers will have already used these sites as a backdrop in Quincy to shoot outdoors. Many of our clients are also fascinated by the phenomenal wealth of natural wonders and historic architectures that the city has to provide. That’s why many of them take great interest in opting for such outdoor wedding photography.

Quincy IL wedding photographe will have good knowledge of these locations and recommend clients to get the best of each of these sites for their couple photography. In many cases, the bride and the groom will get involved in the ceremony and later in the reception which gives photographers a very little chance to shoot them candidly. So, the amazing architecture plays a big part in what we do downtown.

Quincy IL wedding photographer at Kinard Photography will be equipped with a fairly versatile camera to get the best of these intricate shots. We change our camera lenses based upon the detailing that we want to showcase through the photos, for example, the wedding rings. So, in this case, we would choose a macro lens to compress the image nicely. It also works very nicely for a portrait lens and everything appears very sharp in the images. We take care to spread these out very nicely – the rings, shoes, jewelry pieces, flowers – as most likely they would go to the same place in the wedding album.

Finally, your Quincy IL wedding photographer will capture everything to make your day special. Small details that you may not have thought would be photographed are the ones that provide the closest glimpse from the day. So, long after when you see these images you will be reminded of these belongings and their associated memories. Check out more of our super unique wedding day photographs that are so intricately detailed here

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