How A Zoho Authorized Partner Can Help You Grow Your Business


The working environment has fast evolved into one in which remote work is more prevalent than ever. Especially now, with the COVID-19 epidemic forcing many businesses to operate online with a remote crew. Digital remote work tools enable this with the help of the most popular tools in online project management software solutions available for enterprises. Software like Zoho helps customers organize work and stay on track while providing shared storage and collaboration options. A Zoho One developer may assist your firm in collaborating with Zoho functionality. Following are the features of Zoho that a Zoho authorized partner can introduce you to:


 Planning your work using milestones, project tasks, task lists, and subtasks will not be difficult.


Utilizing the features of feeds, the forum, chat, pages, and documents to maintain real-time communication and collaboration with your coworkers and other team members will become effective.


You can track reports and graphics and monitor your work progress inside and across the project plan.


Timesheets, a resource usage chart, and global timers will be used to measure and improve productivity.  

Knowledge Management

Maintain control of your data and facilitate communication inside and across teams using the appropriate portals.

Effective Billing

Billing for a project may be managed hourly using Invoices and Expenses.

Issue Management

The Bugs module assists in the processes of tracking and reporting bugs as well as repairing them. 


Zoho projects offer a significant number of high-quality integrations with various apps such as Microsoft teams, Google, Zendesk, Slack, and Service now. In addition, Zoho projects are capable of connecting with a wide variety of other applications. 

Apps And Devices

 It is also accessible through mobile, with applications designed specifically for iOS and Android devices.


Zoho Project is an effective project tool that enables teams to work together, keep track of tasks, and set up workflows. It is popular on the market because it can be changed in many ways and is easy to use. In fact, the Zoho project management software is so versatile that it is used in a wide range of industries and business functions. With the guidance of the Zoho One developer, you can use this online tool to plan projects, schedule them, track time, manage tasks, and keep track of problems. It is a great system that has been shown to help businesses reach their goals.

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