How About a Trendy Food Truck for Your Next Event?

When you are celebrating a special event, you pop a bottle of champagne to go along with your favorite food, when you are sad you load up on ice-cream and all the sweet things you can get. All in all, food is part of each and every mood that we experience during each and every day of our entire life. In big cities like New York, where there’s a lot of wasted time on travelling every day, people normally have their breakfast and lunch on the run. So, there is ample need and demand for good New York street food trucks where people can just grab whatever they love and go on to their work, meetings or busy day.

On a different but related note, hosting events these days has become a very costly affair, having a total of 250 guests for a wedding can cost you more than $10,000 (!). In such cases, hiring a fancy food truck will reduce your total costs by at least a half. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before hiring a food truck. The truck should be designed to go along with your wedding theme. Nowadays, food truck companies do modify trucks according to your need so that it isn’t such a big of a problem. Also to keep in mind are the timings of the arrival of the food truck, preferably the truck should be scheduled to arrive a little earlier and leave later. The silverware that the truck should offer and the uniforms of the staff should also be well coordinated with the wedding theme. All this should be done keeping in mind your budget and the price to rent a food truck.

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