How Actionable DNA Testing Can Help Optimize Your Well-Being

Technological advancements have made it easier than ever for people to learn about their bodies and how to optimize their well-being. Practical DNA tests can be taken at home and can provide all sorts of information about how your body and mind may function.

Here are a few ways DNA testing can provide insights about yourself that can inspire and guide you to take actions toward a healthier tomorrow.

Fitness and Athletics Genetic Information

Recent scientific breakthroughs are enhancing our understanding of how DNA is related to wellness. Unlike ancestry DNA tests, which are fascinating but not necessarily actionable, revolutionary practical DNA test kits are targeting health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, even behavior, emotions, and cognition. The information these DNA tests provide can be extremely useful in developing an understanding of your overall well-being.

For example, a DNA test from a reputable testing company can provide information that could be enlightening about how your body may be predisposed to working. You could use that knowledge to fine-tune a workout regimen. The DNA tests might share insight about your predisposition to lean body mass versus muscle mass, joint health and recovery, your endurance, oxygen use, or pain tolerance, among a number of gene indicators.

Optimizing Nutrition with DNA Testing

Practical DNA tests can also reveal insights about how your body may process food and reveal potential food sensitivities. Your DNA might reveal how your genetics impact your caffeine and alcohol tolerances, sugar processing (including sugar-induced aging), and your metabolism. Certain DNA tests may indicate genetic predispositions concerning how you metabolize fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. These types of genetic information could be useful in identifying foods you want to avoid, or just focus on less, as well as other aspects of your diet and nutrition.

Learning About Your Mind-Body Connection Using DNA

A DNA test can’t tell you who you are or predict the future, but there is a lot of useful information about your emotional predispositions to be gleaned from your genes. DNA testing kits from experienced companies that are run through industry-compliant labs can provide you with fascinating mind and emotion insights. For example, they might reveal genetic indications about your levels of empathy, happiness, euphoria, and positive mood. Finding out that your mood might be influenced by genetics rather than just be something you simply choose to feel often proves extremely liberating. Some of the best DNA tests can offer insight into whether you’re prone to be a “worrier or warrior,” your risk-seeking behavior, or whether you’re reward-orientated.

There’s a wealth of information waiting in your DNA; all you need to do is access it!

About Orig3n

Orig3n is not your average at-home DNA testing company. Most DNA testing organizations concentrate on genetic tests to determine ancestral history. Orig3n’s DNA testing kit selection, however, focuses on useful, practical information about your health, wellness, mind, and body. Orig3n’s DNA kits are analyzed in an in-house lab using advanced genetic testing technology to extract the relevant genetic information. Their tests provide practical insights into what your genes may suggest about your wellness, body, and mind. In addition to Orig3n’s commitment to revolutionary research into regenerative science and medicine, they never sell your personal genetic information. All of their testing is done in Orig3n’s on-site lab which is compliant with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The lab strictly follows these high standards of quality and accuracy, making exploration of your body, mind, health, and potential with a DNA test for fitness accurate and astonishingly informative.

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