How ALT Text Is Your Secret Weapon in SEO

How ALT Text Is Your Secret Weapon in SEO

It is hard to believe that Search Engines like Google and Bing’s web crawlers can’t see any of the images posted online. So have you ever thought about how search engine web crawlers are reading the respected images that are posted online?

Its Alt Text

The  Alternative text is image descriptions provided within an image’s IMG tag’s ALT attribute in HTML code. These text descriptions, often known as “alt attributes” or “alt descriptions,” provide information about the appearance and function of images on a web page if the image does not load or if the viewer is visually impaired. Take the help of Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai to make make sure that your images are search-engine optimised so that to rank them higher in image search and image packs.

Alt text is frequently mentioned in conversations about SEO content optimisation. These seemingly little alt characteristics, which were designed to promote a site’s accessibility, can have an influence on your site’s SEO and usability. 

Significance of Alt Text 


  • For Image SEO


Image alt text not only enhances user experience and accessibility but may also help you earn both explicit and implicit SEO benefits. 

  • For Accessibility


Alt text is a principle of accessible web design. The major goal is to describe images to people who are unable to view them. This includes screen readers and browsers that block graphics, but it also covers people who are blind or otherwise unable to identify an image visually. By including alt text with your images, you ensure that all users, regardless of visual ability, can appreciate the content on your site.

In order to know how to make the most of your alt text, you can go over how to write alt text to maximise SEO potential and increase the site’s accessibility by joining Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai.

How can you improve your alt text for accessibility and SEO?


  • Make your writing as descriptive as possible.


More informative alt text allows people to better understand the image. Include in your descriptive alt text what makes the image important, and unique, and how it adds to the text.

  • Keep it short but not too short.


The finest alt text is a phrase or two at most. Consider what is a given, what the informational priorities are, and how it informs the webpage content while creating alt text. Reduce redundancy by leaving out anything included in the material.

  • Make use of your target keywords but don’t stuff.


Include your target term in the alt text if it is visible in the image. As previously said, web crawlers will read these properties to better comprehend your content.

Conclusion: Improved User Experience and SEO

Providing context to web crawlers via alt text optimises your images for search engines. Furthermore, many users rely on alt text to fully understand and interact with your website. 

It’s too simple to skip or speed through creating alt text for your images. However, doing so would be detrimental to your website visitors and the SEO. 

So, we encourage you to consider Alt text as a strategy to improve every webpage and the SEO and to enrol in Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai for further strategies.

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