How An Elevator In Your Home Can Help You In The Long Run

Are you feeling a little confined in your home? Does the thought of climbing another flight of stairs give you the willies? Is there a room in your house that feels like it’s in the basement even though it’s not?


If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you may want to look into installing an elevator in your home. Many people aren’t aware of how much an elevator can do for their home and life until they install one. With an elevator, you can essentially double the amount of living space in your home.


  • Where can you install an elevator?


Before you decide to install an elevator in your home, you first need to make sure that it’s even an option. You need to be able to get an elevator shaft to whatever floor you want to put it on, and you need to be able to get the elevator car in the house.


The best place to put an elevator is in the middle of a two-story home. If you have an older home, you can also install it in the basement if you have a lower level that’s dry, doesn’t have a ton of foot traffic, and isn’t used for storage or anything else. You can contact elevators Lexington KY to find the most suitable location.


  • Things to know before installing an elevator


  • Dry basements


If you want to install an elevator in the basement, you need to make sure that it’s dry. If it’s not dry, you could destroy your home’s foundation and cause major problems.


  • Height restrictions


You also need to make sure that your home’s elevator shaft has enough clearance for the elevator car. While most elevator cars can fit in a shaft that’s 10 feet, and 11 inches tall, not all can.


  • Negotiate with your contractor


Finally, you may need to negotiate with your contractor to find out exactly how much installing an elevator in your home will cost. While it’s possible to install an elevator in a two-story house for a reasonable amount of money, it can cost significantly more.


  • How does an elevator help?


A good elevator can make a home much more livable by providing easy accessibility to all levels of the house. It can also help you save a ton of money on home renovations by extending the life of your home’s structure by letting you keep lower floor space intact.


An elevator can also help with the resale value of your home by making it more appealing to buyers. It’s also worth noting that many insurance companies will offer discounts for homes with elevator access. An elevator can also make it easier for the elderly, disabled, or people with young children to navigate their homes. For this reason, many people are contacting wheelchair lifts Louisville KY.


  • Having an elevator in your home provides benefits


As we’ve already gone over, an elevator can do a lot for your home. It can make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate your home, and it can also make it easier for people with lots of stuff to get around. An elevator can also make it easier for you to make a solid rental income from your property, especially if you live in a city.


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