How are Auto Clips very Useful?

Is metal fading into obscurity? Metal is progressively being replaced by plastic for a variety of uses. Metal brackets that support HVAC and brake lines on automobile fluid routing systems are specifically being replaced by plastic clips. In these and numerous more automobile applications, auto clips are suitable replacements.

Multiple advantages come from using auto clips. The top benefits of using auto clips instead of metal brackets are

Reduced Cost

In many ways, auto clipsare substantially less expensive than metal brackets. Here are a few justifications:


Rubber inserts or grommets must be applied to metal, depending on the circumstance, to prevent metal-on-metal contact, which is the main source of galvanic corrosion. Rubber costs are completely eliminated because plastic typically does not require a rubber additive.Using auto clips also reduces labor costs. In order to prevent metal-to-metal contact, the rubber must be put over the metal and utilized to line it. When using plastic, these assembly costs do not exist. Plastic is simple to install and ready to use.


The cost of metal stamping and shaping tools is significantly higher than that of plastic moulding tools. The cost of the necessary auto clipscan be reduced by up to 50%, which is a significant saving. Additionally, the tools for metal deteriorate more quickly and require replacement more frequently than the ones for plastic, adding to the cost.Metal is more expensive than plastic.


Plastic has a quicker turnaround time than metal, which leads to a higher throughput. Plastic requires less time and money to make each part since it can be produced more quickly.


Costs for shipping and disposal are decreased. Plastic bags or other product protection must be used to carry metals without causing harm. Auto clipsdo not require this level of shipping security. Last but not least, weight is a major issue in shipping costs, and it goes without saying that plastic weighs less than metal.


Plastic resists corrosion. On the other side, metal brackets are more susceptible to corrosion problems. Metals may be subject to corrosion when they come into electrical contact. Over time, this corrosion wears down the metals, resulting in damage and potential liability issues.


Contrary to metal, plastic is a very flexible substance. Auto clipscan be produced in a wide range of colors and intricate shapes right away. They are essentially prepared to use the instrument immediately as a result.Contrary to plastic, metal nearly always requires a number of additional steps before it is ready for installation. Metal brackets typically require cutting, stamping, drilling, oil removal, coating to avoid rust, proper packaging, etc.A fastener or isolator may need to be installed or added to the metal. All of those can be integrated using plastic, doing away with the requirement for additional pieces.

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