How Are P2E Games Re-Emerging As The Next-Gen Games?

The recent fad that made the headlines constantly in the gaming industry is the inclusion of NFTs in video games. There were mixed responses from the gamers and game developers globally in this regard. The year 2021 was the best for the gamers who were involved in crypto gaming. Play-to-earn NFT games are something that not just gives the fun of playing but also the satisfaction of earning money through them. NFT gaming marketplaces were the platform that aided gamers in buying their in-game assets as NFTs and exchanging them anytime they wanted. These platforms not only brought gamers but also brought NFT enthusiasts into gaming. But then, the crypto market crash indeed affected the NFT gaming sector.

How is 2022 for P2E games?

In 2021, the NFT gaming sector acquired 4 billion US dollars which indeed brought gaming giants as well as startups to get into crypto gaming. But the first quarter of 2022 portrayed a contradicting scenario due to the crypto market crash. If you ask if the market crash is the only factor that contributed, it is indeed the result of multiple factors. The Ukrainian war, the ronin bridge hack, and other security breaches on NFTs and NFT games contributed together to making the NFT gaming sector a Ponzi scheme.

Contrarily, the NFT gaming sector acquired a 1.2 billion US dollar investment in the first quarter of 2022. Along with this, Popular game developers like GameStop came up with its NFT gaming marketplace platform. The second quarter of 2022 earned 2.5 billion US dollars making the sector strong. It is expected that the sector will get around 10 billion dollars at the end of this year. It is also to be noted that the number of crypto gamers at the end of march 2022 is around 1.2 million, and it is expected to increase to a great extent by the end of this year.

The bottom line

The above facts and stats from the market report released by Dapp Rader and the Blockchain gaming alliance clearly show that P2E games are never dead. It is the market crash that eclipsed the growth of this sector. With lots of advancements coming around in terms of the utility of NFTs and the technological advancements of blockchain, P2E games will continue to lure a number of gamers and crypto enthusiasts as well.

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