How Are POS Machines Beneficial For Retailers?

Are you aiming to increase the profits of your retail stores in 2020? Some objectives come up in a conversation with over 1.5 lakh merchant partners. So, if you are a Kirana store owner competing with a big-box retailer or a big retailer grappling with the challenges posed by e-commerce in India, business growth comes only when you adapt to the latest trends.

The increasing installation of POS machine has helped tap the growing consumer base of digital payment users in the country. From 1.5 million digital payment acceptance in 2016-17, the number of merchant networks accepting these payments has increased to over 10 million within two to three years.

If you are still wondering if your retail store requires a swipe machine, here is how they are beneficial –

Tracks sales real-time

These machines come handy in tracking real-time transactions and help merchants across different business size and industries. There are apps available on Android and iOS, which enables the merchants to keep a close watch on their sales, with anytime, anywhere access to store transaction.

Easy usage

The best part about the POS machine is they are easy to use. There is a short learning curve, and your store manager can learn about them through videos or take basic training to start accepting digital payments quickly. The new-age app POS is simpler, and the interface is user-friendly.

Accepts multiple modes of digital payments

So, how many swipe machines do you need to install at the checking counter? Just one. Today, these machines work as an all-in-one machine and can manage multiple modes of payments with ease. These include debit/credit card, mobile wallet, QR codes, loyalty points, etc.

Inventory management

Swipe machine integration allows you to understand the inventory better and accurately. This is possible thanks to electronic capture of the data and availability of real-time analysis

Greater accuracy

One of the problems you face when you opt for cash payments, you cannot do away with the human errors at the time of billing. Additionally, accounting of manual records is a lengthy process. These challenges get solved through POS machines.

Tracks consumer loyalty

Do you capture consumer feedback at the point of sale? Your consumers could leave invaluable reviews during the checkout which helps revamp your store or better the services. Through these machines capture their feedbacks after every successful transaction.

Offer EMIs to consumers

Now, a POS machine does allow the merchants to offer EMI on a range of debit or credit cards, especially on the renowned banks.

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