How are sex dolls made?

Professional designers will determine the size and some features of the Sex Doll according to the needs of customers, and then start to carve a realistic Sex Doll. If the designer’s skills are high, then the Tpe Sex Doll you buy also has a certain collection value.

Make mold

Once the design is complete, the mold can be made. Mold reusability exceeds months or a year, depending on the application. Only the injection mold has a long life, but the price is also high. The artist creates the work in a solid state so that the final mold can be received from the outside. Moulds can also be made directly by humans for special work.

Mold casting

The process stage of casting needs to be very careful and the joint thickness cannot be changed, otherwise the material in the mold becomes worse than the material containing the skeleton. At this point, you can only dispose of the waste or dispose of the product. Therefore the normal delivery time for an order is one to two weeks. Sometimes we have to recast due to quality issues.

Final delivery

After casting the Sex Doll, it needs to cool. Once processed by the packaging department, the protective powder is applied, the Sex Doll is prepared to your specifications, and any die lines that are still visible are removed. As you can see throughout the process, there’s a reason Adult Solid Sex Doll are more expensive than your average sex toy, and it consumes a lot of workers’ time and energy.

But we must look for reliable suppliers when purchasing. If you want to buy a qualified Sex Doll, please choose Lovedollshops, which is a professional supplier, every production link is very serious and careful, and every order will make customers satisfied.

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