How Automatic Strapping Machine Works- Know In Brief

Packaging is one of the important parts of the supply chain management of products. When a customer purchases a product, the sellers have to pack all goods for the customers so that they reach the destination safely. The box has to tolerate a lot of transport hazards. That is why; they need to pack perfectly assuring safety in the street. So, the goods need to seal with void fills and strapped with the right straps so that they reach the detonation safely. Otherwise, the customer may refuse the goods. It is a great loss for the business. So, Automatic Strapping Machine Tullamarine helps to strap the goods very effectively.

What is the automatic strapping machine?

Automatic strapping machines are machines that can strap, tension, locks and seals automatically without any manual operation. The cutter of the machine also cuts the strap-ends flawlessly. So, it is fast, flawless and fantastic. You can manage a small supply chain with the service of only one strapping machine in your packaging house.


All strapping machines cannot take all sized boxes. You have to choose the boxes that are smaller than the upper band size of the machine.

  • You cannot seal the larger pallets and boxes in it
  • You cannot get unlimited strapping tension from the machine
  • Different machines have different strapping tensioning systems, you have to purchase with all these considerations
  • You can regulate the tensioning force in the machine or leave it to the automatic tensioning system
  • Company outlet or small business partners can purchase these packaging machines flawlessly and confidently.
  • If you need to strap steels or larger pallets, you should better purchase individual steel strapping tool or battery strapping tool.

Selling outlet of a factory

The demands for the automatic strapping machine are numerous. You have to understand how you can strap the packages and the type of boxes you can assign of automatic strapping. The packaging industry likes to have an Automatic Strapping Machine in Tullamarine for its flawless activity and faster delivery of goods.

The operational strategy

The operational strategy of automatic machines can be described in some points. This will make you understand how the machine works.

  • The coil of straps (PET) is to place in the spindle wheels and set by the manufacturer instruction.
  • Then the machine can wrap the box set on the base of the machine
  • It automatically tightens or as per your pre-selected tension strength
  • The heat welding system makes the two parts of the strap sealed
  • The automatic cutting system keeps them finished
  • All these happen when you set the packing boxes on the packing desk of the machine
  • You have to manually operate the box or packing items because they need multiple strapping.
  • All these happen to you when you press the switch of the machine with your foot.
  • Some automatic strapping machine may have a touch panel to start the process.

In this way, an automatic strapping machine works proficiently and flawlessly. If you want such a machine, you can contact the best shop offering discounts and seamless services. You can also find Steel Strapping Suppliers in Tullamarine to fulfil your strapping industry with appliances.

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