How banks and financial institutions can improve security?

For large banks and financial institutions, security is a top priority. With nearly 20 years in the business of protecting financial assets and the lives of people, Guardian Eagle Security, Inc. has insights into how you can increase the level of your current security measures.


Guards Services in Los Angeles CA

Banks Security Services – Armed Guard Services

Responsible for the security and protection of the bank’s staff and its assets, therefore the presence of an armed guard is a deterrent to criminals.

Armed guards vigilantly patrol the premises – looking out for suspicious activities, de-escalating threats, and responding to situations.

Maintaining Order in the Bank                

Bank personnel and liaisons are trained to look out for Banks Security Services risks in Los Angeles, CA, but it is not their primary role. When busy with a transaction, they may not notice potential bank crimes. Having a bank security guard offers your staff and clients a level of protection from robberies and vandalism damage.

American businessman, P. T. Barnum noted that “Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant”, which goes a long way to explaining why the state of one’s finances is such a touchy subject. Moreover, it sheds light on why some visitors arrive at a bank in a hostile manner. While this type of behavior is not your traditional high-risk criminal activity, it is, nonetheless, unwanted. Often just the authority presence of visible security guards deters such conduct. Professional bank security guard services will offer the kind of defense needed within the confines of your institution’s guidelines.

Customers Appreciate Security

According to a 2020 survey, 62% of respondents were suffering some degree of anxiety in their everyday lives. The risk involved in going to a bank adds to these high levels. But by implementing private security onsite, you gain your customers’ appreciation. Knowing that they can conduct their banking with a solid peace of mind will keep them loyal to your bank.

What’s more, banking clients who deposit or withdraw large sums of cash are particularly vulnerable to thieves. Adding a guard in uniform to the existing customer’s alert is an essential part of this security initiative.

The best service financial institutions can offer is the level of peace provided by private security guards. (Bonus – they can greet and guide your customers as they enter the premises.)

Secures the Money

This may seem obvious, but all the financial assets needed by private citizens and small businesses must be kept secure by the bank. There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes, from large deliveries of cash to digital and ATM protection. (ATMs hold thousands of dollars at a time, yet they are located outside of the bank!)

Financial crime trends in 2021 included COVID-19 fraud, human and drug trafficking and associated money laundering, and cybercrime. Updated AML laws and a new administration emphasizing regulatory oversight do not preclude the responsibility of banks to detect, investigate, and report suspicious activity.

Along with overseeing the transfer of cash to your vault and ATM protection, security patrols can keep an eye out for dubious characters who may be attempting to steal credentials to log into your systems.

Do not leave protecting your financial assets and the lives of people to chance.

What We Can Do for You

Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, may not have been speaking about the future of your financial operations when he said, “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you”, but it is certainly relevant!

Therefore we have specific knowledge of financial institution security requirements; Guardian Eagle Security, Inc. identifies threats readily and responds rapidly and appropriately. Our flexible solutions include:

Armed and unarmed onsite security officers

Investigation services

Computer forensics

Travel security

Executive protection

24-Hour security dispatch and emergency staffing support

Mobile security patrol and response units

K-9 Programs

Robbery suppression details

Electronic systems integration, administration, and monitoring

ATM service support and cash vault protection

To learn more about our armed guard services for banks and financial institutions, contact Guardian Eagle Security, Inc. without delay.

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