How Bovine Pericardium Tissue Patch Is Widely Used In Medical-Field?

The pericardium is a type of bovine tissue that is widely used in the medical field for surgical procedures. The tissue mainly is found as a double-layered covering around the heart. The tissue is manufactured in artificial tissue culture.


In many cases, for surgical procedures, the tissue is also harvested for different applications. The harvested tissue is mainly made up of collagen material.


In general, the Bovine Pericardium Tissue patch is elastic by nature and highly durable. Because of its flexibility, the tissue is widely used for different surgical processes – membranes, bone, dural closures and heart valves.


  • Main types of BP tissues


There are different types of bovine pericardium tissues that are harvested for various applications.


  • A fresh form of pericardium tissue is also available in its frozen form
  • Multiple layered and thickness pericardium tissue which is known for its physical strength
  • A cross-linked type of pericardium tissue is clinically manufactured


  • Salient features of lab manufactured bovine pericardium tissue


Due to wide applications and uses in surgical procedures, the tissue is also manufactured artificially in clinical conditions. This type of pericardium tissue patch is widely used in all types of surgery where membrane replacement and repairs are essential.


Clinically manufactured tissue is maintained in top quality. For manufacturing quality tissue patches, cross-linked procedures are followed.


  • Uses of bovine pericardium tissue


  1. Reinforcement of stomach line


Bariatric stomach surgery is very much complicated and can only be performed by expert surgeons. The moment his surgical procedure is being performed, there are chances that a lot of blood could be lost.


Professional surgeons make use of the pericardium bovine tissue to help seal the stomach line. This is one of the techniques that prove helpful in reducing blood and blood loss during the procedure. Due to its flexible nature, the pericardium tissue patch proves more helpful.


  1. Hernia repair


A hernia is a serious condition. Surgical procedure is the only effective way to control its growth the condition can get more severe if the patient is suffering from other health conditions like diabetes and obesity.


Instead of using a synthetic mesh, pericardium tissue is widely used in the present time. The tissue is mainly used as a type of biological graft. It prevents the further expansion of the hernia. It also proves effective in reducing infection that is common when using synthetic mesh.


You can collect more details related to the Transcatheter heart valve therapies. Bovine pericardium tissue is non-synthetic and so does not lead to infection.


  1. Reconstruction of pelvic floor region


The pelvic walls may start losing their support providing features due to many reasons. If this happens then the vaginal walls might start expanding towards the inside or outside. This can also reach the uterus and the bladder walls.


To eliminate this condition the pericardium tissue patch can be used by the surgeon. You will find a lot of surgeons exploring the potential of pericardium tissue within surgical procedures. Apart from these, the tissue patches also find wide applications in replacing the damaged heart tissue and valves.


One main advantage of this tissue patch is that it is soft and flexible. It does not lead to the formation of infection in the body

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