How C-UAS Counters UAS Activity That Threatens Personal Safety, Privacy and Property

The rising popularity and accessibility of commercial drones result in the increasing risk of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) threats to civilians. Drones are a highly mobile and versatile technology, giving irresponsible parties the opportunity to breach restricted and private areas.

There have been numerous cases of drones being used to carry out reconnaissance of private properties and spy on public figures. In August 2020, for instance, multiple witnesses reported drone sightings near Air Force One, the private plane of the President of the United States.


Many countries have introduced drone laws to regulate the use of commercial UAS. However, the need to tackle the UAS threats must also be matched with concrete actions. That is, by having effective counterdrone protection.

Drone defense or C-UAS is vital for maintaining privacy, even in the absence of a direct threat. The counterdrone protection technology is built to detect, identify, and intercept unwanted or hostile drones. In terms of executive protection, counterdrone defence systems offer advance detection and warning of UAS presence in private properties and special events, forcing trespassing drones to either ground or return to their operator.

So far, drone defense technology has been effective in countering UAS threats. During the aftermath of the 2020 Calabasas helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight other passengers, multiple drone sightings were reported at the aircraft crash site. With the help of C-UAS technology, the airspace above the site could be closed temporarily to preserve the integrity of the scene and respect the families of those who had passed away.

Personal Counterdrone Defence with DroneShield

DroneShield pioneers C-UAS technologies to protect military, government, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, commercial, and VIPs worldwide. In serving executive protection we incorporate next-generation Electronic Warfare (EW), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop world-leading C-UAS AI. Our state-of-the-art counterdrone technology equips sensors to monitor airspace and ground parameters, detect and neutralise any UAS threats by grounding drones or returning them to their operators.

Advanced alerts eliminate the element of surprise that paparazzi and other offenders commonly relied on before they can get close to you. SMS and email alerts can be synced to your personal accounts or designated protection teams, seamlessly integrating with existing defence systems.


DroneShield’s defeat technologies offer non-kinetic jamming for the controlled management of threats. Our defeat capabilities do not utilise protocol manipulation or “cyber” tactics, both of which carry a number of limitations. To anticipate future legal proceedings, DroneShield C-UAS technologies record and securely save alert data as digital evidence. Perpetrators can be neutralised immediately and face suitable justice at a later date to protect you personally as well as your property.

Visit our website to browse our range of products and each of their capabilities. We also offer counterdrone protection for airports (C-UAS airports) should you be keen to strengthen your private airport’s aviation security with our antidrone airports.

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