How Can a Hand Sanitiser Stick Boost a Business’s Ratings Amongst Customers?

What’s the most effective way to boost your business ratings? How can you encourage your customers to write 5-star reviews about your company? Hand sanitiser sticks might just be the answer.


The advantages of using hand sanitiser sticksas promotional tools for your business


How exactly are hand sanitisers supposed to help boost your business? It’s simple: You can use them as giveaways during events or offer them as incentives to customers who write positive reviews.

Of course, there are many other promotional items out there. But hand sanitisers in stick bottles offer these distinct advantages:

  • They are useful

Many businesses make the mistake of giving out promotional items that don’t have any other use besides advertising, such as flyers and calling cards. But if you want to make an impact on your customers, you need to start investing in useful items like pens, hand sanitisers, umbrellas, and other everyday products.

What’s great about hand sanitisers is that everyone needs them, regardless of age, gender, and occupation. They serve as alternatives to hand-washing when the latter becomes too difficult, especially in outdoor and public settings.

  • They are easy to carry

Another benefit of hand sanitisers is portability. They come in various bottles, from the traditional containers with a squeeze cap to smaller variants with spray sticks. You can even find hand sanitiser bottles with a carabiner, making them easier to carry and almost impossible to forget.

  • They are safe to use

When you’re shopping for hand sanitisers, make sure they are FDA-approved. This ensures that they contain at least 60% alcohol and are effective at eliminating bacteria.

In addition, this percentage of alcohol allows hand sanitisers to be antiseptic without damaging the skin. If you want to avoid skin issues further, you can opt for sanitisers containing aloe vera extract.
What’s more, hand sanitiser sticks are also customisable, making them the perfect business promotion tools. All you need to do is find a trusted merchandise supplier in your area, and you can send your designs and specifications to the company. Moreover, experienced suppliers offer a variety of printing options, including pad printing, digital printing, and digital standard labels.

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